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SETH | Institute for Innovation in Education


The Institute for Innovation in Education is an interdisciplinary organization committed to conducting, administering, and disseminating educational research and research-informed professional development initiatives. Based at American University in Washington, DC, the institute’s researchers will undertake studies of education policy and education reform, learning technologies, and research on learning disabilities. Researchers and staff will also provide independent research-based support and technical assistance to educators, policy makers, and journalists.  The institute membership will include faculty from across the American University campus as well as invited researchers from local, national and international entities dedicated to quality research.


It is the mission of the Institute for Innovation in Education to bring together a wide-ranging set of methodological and analytical approaches to the study of educational policies and practices broadly. Cross-disciplinary research into the study of education and learning is necessitated by the complex contexts and characteristics of learners, schools, and communities. The institute researchers will dedicate themselves to collaborative investigation bridging multiple fields and will bring together the expertise of a broad set of organizations interested in this nebulous concept of education. We envision an entity in which the individuals involved in the institute dedicate their efforts to scientific understanding of the processes, policies and practices of education. The institute’s researchers will undertake research on a wide-ranging set of topics and particularly examine education research, learning technology, and learning disabilities research.

Current Research Projects:

Dr. Geraldine Solomon, scholar in residence on a year-long research leave from the National Science Foundation, is studying mathematics teachers' development and use of Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (known as TPaCK). 

Dr. Sarah Irvine Belson, institute executive director, has undertaken a study of the use of audio-recording technology as a means to advance note-taking skills for students with learning disabilities.

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