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March 2015

At the Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education Conference in Las Vegas, NV, Alex Hodges completed his first year of a two-year term as chair of the Information Literacy Education and Library/Media Science special interest group. Alex also co-presented "Information Literacy, Libraries, and Virtual School: New Standards for New Modalities," a peer-reviewed discussion on the intersections of virtual schooling research and the recent 2015 Association of College & Research Libraries Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.

January 2015

Dr. Cynthia Miller-Idriss' proposal for a new sponsored global research network on Radicalism and Violence (together with co-director Dr. Fabian Virchow in Germany) was selected by the Council for European Studies for network support. The network will launch at a meeting in Paris in July 2015. 

Dr. Vivian Vasquez's refereed article "Podcasting as Transformative Work" has just been published in Theory into Practice 54(2).

December 2014

Dr. Vivian Vasquez and Dr. Carol Felderman's co-authored book Technology and Critical Literacy in Early Childhood Education was an Amazon Top 20 Best Seller in December 2014. 


Dr. Alida Anderson recently had two articles published on dramatic arts integration with elementary students from ELL and LD backgrounds:

Anderson, A., & Loughlin, S.m. (2014). The influence of classroom drama on English learners' academic language use during English language arts lessons. Bilingual Research Journal, 37(3), 1-24.

Anderson, A., & Berry, K.A. (2014). The influence of drama on elementary students' written narratives and on-task behavior. Learning Disabilities: A Multidisciplinary Journal, 20(3), 143-157.


Dr. Vivian Vasquez was awarded lifetime member status by the Early Childhood Education Assembly of the National Council of Teachers of English.

November 2014

Dr. Vivian Vasquez is presenting a paper at the National Council of Teachers of English annual conference. Dr. Vasquez built a course around the conference which eleven SETH students will attend with her.

Dr. Vivian Vasquez accepted an appointment as NCTE Early Career Educator of Color Award 2014 Recipient Mentor as well as an appointment to the National Council of Teachers of English/International Reading Association Joint Task Force on Literacy Teacher Preparation.

Drs Stacey Snelling and Sarah Irvine Belson along with Erin Watts presented their paper A School District - University Collaboration to Address Childhood Obesity on Tuesday, November 19 at the American Public Health Association meeting in New Orleans, LA.

Alida Anderson's (Ed.), book Arts Integration and Special Education: An Inclusive Theory of Action for Student Engagement launched.

October 2014 

Dr. Vivian Vasquez received an appointment to the Canada Research Chairs College of Reviewers.

September 2014

Dr. Vivian Vasquez was recently invited to serve on the College of Reviewers for the Canada Research Chairs program. Dr. Vasquez has also recently been appointed to the National Council of Teachers of English and International Reading Association Joint Task Force on Teacher Education, as well as the Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation Elementary Standards Steering Committee.

Instructor Kamel Igoudjil has been included as a Teacher Feature in One World Education.

A study recently published by Associate professor Jennifer Steele on competency-based education in five school districts across the U.S. and what this means longer term.

Dr. Vivian Vasquez's referred journal article "Research and Policy: So the Boys Won't Bother Us: Kindergarten Students as Researchers" was published in the September 2014 issue of Language Arts by the National Council of Teachers of English.

Dr. Amelia Tseng participated in the National Capitol Area Linguistic Anthropologists Working Group

August 2014

Associate Professor Jennifer Steele blogged along with her colleagues at the RAND Corporation arguing that teacher equity plans the Obama Administration wants states to to develop by spring 2015 must consider effectiveness, not just credentials, if the plans are to improve disadvantaged students students' access to strong teachers.

Associate Professor Jennifer Steele along with her colleagues at the RAND Corporation released a report on competency-based education. The study examines implementation and achievement data over a two-year grant initiative carried out in twelve secondary schools across five districts and four states. The initiative and evaluation, Project Mastery, were supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Dr. Vivian Vasquez received a contract from Teacher's College Press to co-author a book titled "Courageous Leadership: Administrators Taking a Stand for Social Justice in Early Childhood Education". The book is due to be published in 2015.

June 2014

Dean Irvine Belson's paper on the state of Washington, DC public charter schools was published in the Journal of Education Finance.

May 2014

Dr. Vivian Vasquez presented a paper "Critical Literacy and Technology" at the International Reading Association Annual Convention in New Orleans.

April 2014

Dr. Elizabeth Worden's book, National Identity and Education Reform: Contested Classrooms, has been published by Routledge. Elizabeth was also awarded a UK Fulbright award and will begin a new research project on teachers' lives, social memory and citizenship. She and her family will move to Northern Ireland for the fall 2014 semester. 

Professor Jason Snyder moderated a panel on federal reform efforts for the Marshall-Brennan Project Conference, sponsored by the Washington College of Law, School of Public Affairs and SETH.

March 2014

Dean Sarah Irvine Belson earned the National Association for Alternative Certification research award for her work on retention of alternatively prepared teachers in DC schools. 

Professor Alex Hodges was re-elected co-chair of the Information Literacy Education SIG at the Society for Information Technology in Teacher Education annual conference. 

Professor Alex Hodges presented on March 22 with AU College Writing Program faculty Ed Comstock and Alison Thomas: "This Ain't Your Father's Formalism: The "Neo-Formalist" Approach to Reading and Research Assignments."

Dr. Vivian Vasquez was named Routledge author of the month and had a book chapter published. Vasquez, V. Children's Literature: A Critical Literacy Perspective. In Kosnik, C., Simon, R., Williamson, P., Roswell, J. & Beck, C. (Eds) Literacy Teacher Educators: Preparing Teachers for a changing World. New York, N.Y.:Sense Publishers.

February 2014

Dr. Vivian Vasquez presented two research papers at the Wisconsin State Reading Association Conference and also acted as a plenary speaker at the Ethnography Conference held at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Dr. Ana-Maria Nuevo moderated a discussion among DC bilingual education leaders after a special screening of the documentary Speaking in Tongues, on February 3rd.

January 2014

Dr. Vivian Vasquez's co-edited book Perspectives and Provocations Volume 2 is now in print along with a book chapter Re-designing Critical Literacies, in Pandya, J. & Avila, J. (Eds) A New Look at Critical Literacies: Theories and Practices Across Contexts, published by Routledge. 

Dr. Ana-Maria Nuevo served as a panel discussant at Virginia International University's Voices from the Field speaker series on January 23rd which focuses on marketing yourself for employment opportunities in education.

Dr. Vivian Vasquez has a co-authored chapter, "Digital Media, Critical Literacy and the Everyday: Exploring Writing in the 21st Century" that was recently published in Myers, R. & Whitmore, K. (Eds) Reclaiming Writing by Routledge Press.

December 2013

Dr. Vasquez had a chapter titled "Digital Technologies as Expressive Tools" published in In Albers, M., Holbrook, T., and Seely-Flint, A.'s book, New Methods in Literacy Research published by Routledge.

November 2013

Dr. Vivian Vasquez was a keynote presenter at the National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention in Boston the week of the 18th. NCTE is the largest professional organization for English/Language Arts Researchers and Practitioners in North America. Dr. Vasquez was joined by Dr. Carol Felderman (SETH Professorial Lecturer) and Laura Herring Darolia (SETH Alumna).

Professor Nassif's proposal "Using Pre-Made Relaxation Apps," has been accepted as a 2014 Mobile Learning Pilot Year project. Professor Nassif's project and work will contribute to the AU Mobile Learning Task Force’s goals of increasing student learning opportunities, enhancing student interaction and engagement, and building learning communities through the use of mobile digital tools.

Dr. Vasquez’s co-authored book Technology and Critical Literacy in Early Childhood Education was featured on the Fred Rogers Center Early Learning and Children's Media website. The book is co-authored with Dr. Carol Felderman who is a Professorial Lecturer in SETH.

Dr. Vivian Vasquez has been announced as the winner of the National Council of Teachers of English Advancement of People of Color Leadership Award 2013. The award recognizes a person of color who has made a significant contribution to NCTE and the development of the English/Language Arts community. The APCL Selection Committee selects an award recipient from nominations solicited from the Board of Directors, Affiliate Presidents, Caucus Chairs, and NCTE members of color. The Executive Committee then votes on approving the committee’s selection. Dr. Vasquez will be honored with the award at the NCTE Annual Convention in Boston.

Dr. Vivian Vasquez was appointed by the National Council of Teachers of English Executive Committee to the NCTE Editorial Advisory Board for a three year term.

Dr. Ana-Maria Nuevo published a book chapter entitled "Is metalinguistic stimulated recall reactive in second language learning?" in a festschrift in honor of Richard Schmidt called "Noticing and Second Language Acquisition." The book was recently released by the University of Hawai'i of Mãnoa's National Foreign Language Resource Center. The study examines the impact of metalinguistic introspective verbalizations as a methodological tool on learning Japanese as a foreign language in a classroom setting.

October 2013

Dr. Vivian Vasquez received an AERA Certificate of Appreciation for Eight Years of Service to the Language and Social Processes Special Interest Group.

Dr. Vivian Vasquez's book Negotiating Critical Literacies made the Amazon Top 10 Bestsellers list during Spring, Summer and Early Fall 2013.

Dr. Alida Anderson served as a panelist on opening night of the children's play Steamystery.

Dr. Vivian Vasquez was the keynote speaker for the Rainbow District School Board in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Her talk focused on inquiry learning from a critical literacy perspective.

Dr. Courtney Winston will be presenting at the Society for Public Health Education’s (SOPHE) 65th Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD March 19-21, 2014. The title of the presentation is: Putting the "Health" back into "Healthcare": Making the Hospital Environment Conducive to Wellness.

Dr. Maya Maroto will be presenting her research results related to community college food insecurity as well as moderating the "Nutrition Disparities and Food Insecurity" session at the American Public Health Association (APHA) Conference in Boston, MA on November 4, 2013.

September 2013

Dr. Stephen Vassallo's book Self-Regulated Learning: An Application of Critical Educational Psychology received the American Education Studies Association (AESA) 2013 Critics Choice Book Award. AESA is a society primarily comprised of those who teach and research in the field of education utilizing one or more of the liberal arts disciplines of philosophy, history, politics, sociology, anthropology, or economics as well as comparative/international and cultural studies. Each year, a committee of AESA members selects titles it regards as outstanding books that may be of interest to those in educational studies. These books are designated as AESA Critics’ Choice Award winners and are displayed prominently at the annual meeting. The Critics’ Choice Award serves to recognize and increase awareness of recent scholarship deemed to be outstanding in its field and of potential interest to members of the Association.

Stacia Jackson, Senior Site Manager for Jumpstart DC at American University, has been chosen as one of the ten Building a Lasting Legacy Campaign Conference Scholarships to the NAEYC Annual Conference and Expo being held in Washington, DC November 20 – 23, 2013.

Dr. Courtney Winston will be one of the keynote speakers during the closing plenary session of the 2013 Southern Obesity Conference in Nashville, TN, on November 19. Dr. Winston will discuss the work she has done at the Partnership for a Healthier America as well as her research on hospital consumer nutrition environments.

Nutrition education faculty member Dr. Courtney Winston will present at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics annual Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo on October 22nd in Houston, TX. Her seminar, entitled "Beyond Menu Labeling: Strategies for Improving the Nutrition Environment of Foodservice Venues," will highlight two of her recent publications evaluating the consumer nutrition environments of hospital and healthcare settings.

Dr. Ana-Maria Nuevo has been invited to provide an English as a second language teacher training module to the incoming student volunteers of CLASE, Community Learners Advancing in Spanish and English, which brings students together with the contracted Aramark facilities management employees for language, culture, technology, and civic exchange.

June 2013

Dr. Stephen Vassallo's book Self-Regulated Learning: An Application of Critical Educational Psychology was published by Peter Lang Publishing.

April 2013

Alida Anderson presented the Council for Exceptional Children Convention in San Antonio, TX. Dr. Anderson also received first prize in the education category for a research poster presented at GWU's Research Days with GWU doctoral student.

Dr. Vasquez's award winning book Negotiating Critical Literacies with Young Children has made the Amazon Best Sellers List in Lesson Planning for Educators. It is ranked in the top 100 books in that category out of over 8000 books on Education and References.

March 2013

Dr. Stacey Snelling presented at the Institute of Medicine on National Nutrition Standards.

Dr. Elizabeth Worden and Dr. Michael Gibbons were featured speakers at the Peace Corps Symposium, "Waging Peace Through a Lifetime of Service." on March 22, 2013. This event is in conjunction with the launch of the Peace Corps Archives at the library.

Dr. Vivian Vasquez and Dr. Carol Felderman's monograph, What's New with Critical Literacy has been accepted for publication by the International Reading Association in the upcoming What's New E-series.

Dr. Maya Maroto was an invited presenter at the American Association of Community Colleges- National Council of Black American Affairs Conference for her current research on Student Success Strategies: Campus Childcare and Food Insecurity Among Community College Students.

February 2013

 Dr. Vivian Vasquez and Dr. Stacie Tate's co-authored book Negotiating Critical Literacies with Teachers was released.Following is a review of the book. "In this Draconian era of educational standardization we need to look instead to critical pedagogical traditions for real personal, social, professional, and institutional transformation. With years of experience, Vivian Vasquez, Stacie Tate and Jerome Harste offer the best in praxis as they and their students carve a path into how we can theoretically and practically democratize public schools and the important role that teacher education programs and professional development can play in this crucial endeavor.” Pepi Leistyna, Professor, University of Massachusetts.

Dr. Vivian Vasquez was a featured speaker at the Literacy Lifts Lives Wisconsin Reading Association Convention in Milwaukee, WI on February 7, 2013.

Steven Trickey will be giving a paper at the annual conference of the American Philosophical Association on assessing the outcomes of involving children in philosophical inquiry in the classroom entitled "How do you know it's working? Assessment in philosophy for children." He also has three forthcoming publications, which refer to American University as his base:

Topping, K.J., & Trickey, S. (2013). The role of dialogue in Philosophy for Children. In L.B. Resnick, C.S.C. Asterhan, & S.N. Clarke (Eds.), Socializing intelligence through academic talk and dialogue. (pp. xxx-xxx). Washington, DC: American Educational Research Association and Rowman & Littlefield. (in press).

Trickey, S. & Topping, K.J. (2013). Assessing the outcomes of philosophical thinking with children. In T. Wartenberg, N. Shudak, & S. Goering (Eds.), Philosophy in schools: An introductory handbook for philosophers and teachers (pp. xxx-xxx). New York & London: Routledge. (in press).

Topping, K.J. & Trickey, S. (2013). The role of dialogue in Philosophy for Children. In R. Gillies (Ed.), special issue on Classroom-based Discourse, International Journal of Educational Research (in press).

Maya Maroto defended her dissertation on Food Insecurity and Community College Students: Prevalence and Relationship to GPA, Energy and Concentration. Morgan State University, School of Education and Urban Studies.

January 2013

Dr. Vivian Vasquez is Keynoting at the Mary Collins Symposium in Petaluma, CA in January 2013.

December 2012

Professor Tate's EDU 280 (Social Justice and Urban Education) course presented their final projects the week of December 5th. Two groups presented on topics that may be of interest to the SETH community. The first project/video was done by The New Abolitionist group which Professor. Tate is the advisor and the second group did their project/video on culturally relevant pedagogy in schools.

The New Abolitionist group is currently recruiting students to join their organization which is based on how college students can address social justice issues in education. For more information e-mail Professor Tate at sltate@american.edu.  

Dr. Stacey Snelling will testify before DC Council on December 13th regarding the Healthy Schools Act.

Dr. Stacey Snelling, Dr. Allison Jacknowitz, and Maya Maroto have finalized their report on Understanding Feeding America Elementary School-Based Food Pantries.

On December 18th, Maya Maroto, Dr. Stacey Snelling, and Dr. Allison Jacknowitz will present research on School Based Food Pantries and Child Health at the National Institutes of Health Science of Eliminating Health Disparities Summit. Their presentation is "Addressing Food Insecurity through School Based Food Pantries: Identifying Best Practices." Also at the Summit, Jenny Ernst, Stacey Snelling and Holly Jones will present "Harnessing the Power of Teachers in School Health."

November 2012

Dr. Anastasia Snelling is participating in a poster presentation at the 2012 Science of Eliminating Health Disparities Summit at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center. Poster session: Harnessing the Power of Teachers in the Obesity Epidemic.

Dr. Anastasia Snelling is also presenting a paper on November 16 at the American College of Nutrition entitled, "Shaping School Wellness Policies to Address Childhood Obesity."

Congratulations to Dr. Stephen Vassallo whose manuscript was accepted in the journal "Studies in the Philosophy of Education." This journal is one of the top for educational philosophy; the editor is the well-known and influential Gert Biesta.

Dr. Adrea Lawrence's book, LESSONS FROM AN INDIAN DAY SCHOOL: NEGOTIATING COLONIZATION IN NORTHERN NEW MEXICO, received honorable mention for the outstanding book award from the History of Education Society.

Dr. Vivian Vasquez's co-authored book Technology and Critical Literacy in Early Childhood Education has just been published in Kindle format.

Dr. Vivian Vasquez had a co-authored article, "Conversation Currents: Aligning Instruction to Developmental Needs in Critical and Digital Literacies" published in Language Arts, Vol. 90, No. 2, November 2012.

Dr. Vivian Vasquez's article, co-authored with Dr. Peggy Albers, and Dr. Jerome Harste, titled "Interrupting Certainty and Making Trouble: Teachers’ Written and Visual Responses to Picturebooks" was published in Dunston,P.J., Gambrell,L.B., Fullerton,S.K.,Gillis,V.R., Headley, K., Stecker,P.S. (Eds.), 60th Yearbook of the National Reading Conference. Oak Creek, WI: NRC.

Dr. Vivian Vasquez's sixth book, Perspectives and Provocations in Early Childhood Education has just been published by Information Age Publishing.

October 2012

Dr. Anastasia Snelling presented at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics National conference on "Dietitian as Health Coaches: A Call to Lead."

Dr. Anastasia Snelling and Maya Maroto presented with Dr. Alison Jacknowitz of SPA at the Feeding America conference in Chicago, IL on the evaluation of elementary school-based food pantries.

Dr. Vivian Vasquez was the keynote speaker at the Annual Texas Writing Project Conference in San Marco, TX on October 6, 2012. Her keynote address was titled, "Creating Spaces for Critical Literacy: Negotiating Global Connections and Technology Integration."

Dean Sarah Irvine Belson was featured on CBS 9's 5 and 6pm broadcasts discussing the relevance of decline of SAT scores nationally. Dean Belson suggested that the drop in SAT scores are most likely the result of the fact that more students are taking the test, a result of more students considering going on to postsecondary education. But she also suggests that schools continued pressure to focus on standardized tests that focus on basic knowledge (such as the DC CAS) are reducing students' ability to respond to the more complex, concept-based types of questions that appear on tests like the SAT.

Dr. Adrea Lawrence's book "Learning How to Write Analog and Digital History" will be published by The University of Michigan Press in WRITING HISTORY IN THE DIGITAL AGE. This is an open source book that will be published electronically and in hard copy.

September 2012

Carol da Silva spoke at The International Reading Association's annual event held in honor of International Literacy Day at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. The event focused on preparing teachers for Common Core Standards excellence in the classroom. Dr. da Silva provided an international perspective on the Common Core and spoke about the bilingual education system in Singapore, a country that has performed well on international standardized assessments such as PISA, and whose education standards have served as an inspiration for the development of the Common Core in the U.S.

The Partnership for Educational Revitalization in the Americas (PREAL) recently published a working paper Dr. da Silva wrote entitled "Recruiting Teachers: Guidelines for Policy Design in Latin America." The paper is published in Spanish, under the title "Reclutamiento de docentes: orientaciones para el diseño de las políticas en América Lan>tina."

August 2012

Dr. Vivian Vasquez's fifth book, Technology and Critical Literacy in Early Childhood has just been published by Routledge Press. Her co-author is Dr. Carol Felderman, an Adjunct Professorial Lecturer in the School of Education, Teaching and Health.

October 2011

Dr. Adrea Lawrence's new book LESSONS FROM AN INDIAN DAY SCHOOL: NEGOTIATING COLONIZATION IN NORTHERN NEW MEXICO, 1902-1907 was published by the University Press of Kansas. This book is an education history, but it is not about the school. Rather, it uses the school as a prism to study the educative processes associated with colonization and racialization in the American West. Specifically, Lessons from an Indian Day School is a microhistory, or ethnographic reconstruction, of federal Indian policy implementation along the Rio Grande Valley during the first decade of the twentieth century. Drawing from the correspondence between Clara D. True, a Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) day school teacher stationed at Santa Clara Pueblo, and Clinton J. Crandall, the superintendent of the Santa Fe Indian School and the northern Pueblos region, this book examines how federal Indian policy was interpreted and appropriated by a variety of actors during an intense period of colonization in the United States. Through the sites of the Santa Clara day school and the Santa Fe Indian School, U.S. government agents, Pueblo Indians, and Hispanos actively negotiated federal Indian policy from positions within their respective communities and appropriated—thereby making—policy to suit their own needs and desires.



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