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  • Sociology
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    Linden, Sandra L
    Senior Administrative Assistant

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jimi adams
Social networks and diffusion processes, network epidemiology of HIV/AIDS, production of interdisciplinary scientific fields, mixed-methods primary data collection and validation, religious organizational structures and ideology


Michael Bader
Neighborhood change, racial and economic segregation and inequality, residential mobility, health disparities, food deserts, and gentrification


Kim Blankenship
Race, class, gender and health; social determinants of health and structural interventions, with a focus on HIV/AIDS; community mobilization as a strategy for health promotion; drug policy, criminal justice, and race disparities in HIV/AIDS


Andrea Malkin Brenner
Education, teaching introductory sociology, race and the politics of identity, and diverse family structures, with a special interest in families created by adoption


Bette Dickerson
Black feminist/womanist theoretical perspectives and research methods, socio-historical construction of race/ethnic identities in the African Diaspora, collective memory and public history in the United States, elder Black women and sexuality


Rachel Gross
Media effects on health, in particular body image; HIV, analysis of formerly secret tobacco documents, health communication, campaign evaluations, and military health


Susan McDonic
Contemporary religious movements, international development, Africa and globalization


Michelle Newton-Francis
Popular culture, body and embodiment, erotic labor, gender, and stigma


Celine-Marie Pascale
Language and representation; race, gender, class, and sexuality; qualitative methods; social theory; feminist theory


Natalia Ruiz-Junco
Social theory, social movements, emotions, self and society, ethnography, Latino migration, Spain


Randa Bessam Serhan
Contentious politics, nationalism, ethnicity, exile, migration, urban communities and identity politics, and ethnography.


Salvador Vidal-Ortiz
Racialization, sexuality, gender, religion, body/embodiment, autoethnography, Latino studies, migration, community-based participatory research, public sociology 


Chenyang Xiao
Environmental beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, public opinions over environmental issues, applied social statistics and quantitative research methodology


Gay Young
Consequences of women’s economic activity in post-colonial societies, analysis of gender inequality at the macro-social level, challenges to masculinist militarism, intersectionality informing teaching and research