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Sociology | Advisory Board

Advisory Board for the
MA Concentration in Public Sociology

See more about the MA Concentration in Public Sociology.

Dr. Cornellia Ashby
Education, Workforce and Income Security
U.S. General Accounting Office

Dr. Sandra Baxter
Independent Consultant

Dr. Lois Cohen
Assistant Director
Office of International Health
National Institutes of Health

Dr. Joseph Costanzo
Research Coordinator
Immigration Statistics Staff
Population Division
U.S. Dept. of Commerce

Dr. John W. Curtis
Director of Research
American Association of University Professors

Dr. Cynthia (Cindy) Helba
Senior Study Director

Dr. Bette Dickerson
Acting Chair, AU Sociology

Dr. David McMillen
Minority Professional Staff
United States House of Representatives

Dr. Michael Micklin
National Institutes of Health

Deborah Mitchell, MA
National Education Association

Dr. Andrew (Andy) Mott
Community Learning Project

Dr. Veronica (Roni) Nieva
Research Scientist

Dr. Salvador Vidal-Ortiz
AU Sociology

Dr. Manuel de la Puente
US Census Bureau

Dr. Phillip Radford

Dr. Russell Stone
Chair, AU Sociology