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Art Colloquia for Critical Inquiry, 2013 Spring: Outside In

Outside In

The Department of Art is excited to present Outside In, the first in a three-part colloquia series highlighting the relationships between Art programming at AU and the greater D.C. region. Featured members of D.C. institutions, galleries, and art entities will discuss their role in academia and in the region's art community at large. Community involvement and engagement with art professionals help our students navigate their professional goals.

The Studio Art Program has partnered with the American University Museum in a series of exhibitions and lectures that will be presented over the next year and a half. The second and third installments of the series, Inside Out and In Residence will continue to examine these relationships throughout the 2013-14 academic year with area institutions and in our museum. In the museum: The Fellows Converge at AU: Obstructions (curated by professor Tim Doud) and Nudashank Gallery (Baltimore, MD) will bring their dynamic program into the AU Museum.

Events include:

Amy Raehse

Goya Contemporary Art gallery

March 28

Amy Raehse, executive director and curator at Goya Contemporary, Baltimore, Marlyand gives a lecture as part of the Spring Colloquia for Critical Inquiry Series titled Outside In.

Nudashank Gallery Talk

Jordan Bernier, Untitled

Jordan Bernier, Untitled

April 13

Nudashank is an artist-run, commercial gallery in downtown Baltimore that features Baltimore artists alongside artists from other cities to broaden the dialog in the Baltimore art community.