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TESOL | Lesson Design

Sample Communicative Lessons

This page is designed as a reference to help students build solid communicative lessons. Here you will find some samples and models of communicative lesson plans.

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Click here for a visual guide to the Hourglass Model, an approach to communicative lesson sequencing that is especially useful for lessons focusing on specific language features.


LESSON PLAN BLUEPRINTS (copyright, S. B. Lucas, 1997)

General Blueprint Format

Grammar Structure Lesson Plan

Language Functions Lesson Plan

Reading Lesson Plan

Writing Lesson Plan

Listening Lesson Plan 


(c) 2001, Cynthia Ingersol
Language Function Lesson Overview(for the teacher)
Student Packet
Cue Cards (for the students)


(c) 2001, Cynthia Ingersol
Reading Lesson Overview (for the teacher)
Student Packet (WARNING - contains large images)