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TESOL | Course Syllabi

AU TESOL Program Course Syllabi 

Welcome to the AU TESOL Program's course syllabi page. Here you can access almost any syllabus for any TESOL course that you are interested in taking. Click on the name of the class for the corresponding syllabus.

PLEASE NOTE: Most 500 level course numbers are being replaced with 600 numbers from Fall 2015 onwards. Some of the syllabi listed below are from previous semesters, and may not reflect the exact content of the course. These are posted to give you, the student, an idea of what some of the requirements may be for the classes listed.

TESL-010 Academic Writing for Graduate Students Prof. Roberts-Kohno (Fall 2014)

TESL-403/603 Structure of English Prof. Barr (Fall 2014)

TESL-641 Teaching Grammar Prof. Paik (Fall 2015)

TESL-600 Principles of Linguistics Prof. Barr (Fall 2016)

TESL-601 English Language Teaching I Prof. Knowles (Fall 2016)

TESL-624 Reading and Writing in the ESL/EFL Classroom Prof. Young (Spring 2016)

TESL-631 Language Assessment Prof. Paik (Fall 2016)

TESL-645 Curriculum and Materials Design Prof. Knowles (Fall 2016)

TESL-604 Writing and Research in TESOL Prof. Knowles (Fall 2016)

TESL-620 English Language Teaching III Prof. Vinogradova (Fall 2016)

TESL-096 Academic Writing for Graduate Students Prof. Paik (Spring 2017)

TESL-600 Principles of Linguistics Prof. Barr (Spring 2017)

TESL-602 English Language Teaching II Prof. Knowles (Spring 2017)

TESL-623 Second Language Acquisition Prof. Knowles (Spring 2017) 

TESL-627 Cultural Issues in the ESL/EFL Classroom Prof. Knowles (Spring 2017)

TESL-642 Teaching Pronunciation: Theory and Practice Profs. Barr and Wilner (Spring 2017)

TESL-654 Technology for Language Teaching and Learning Prof. Vinogradova (Spring 2017)

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