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TESOL | Faculty Research Interests

Naomi Baron

Mobile phones, e-mail, instant messaging, text messaging, relationship between spoken and written language, history of English, language acquisition in children, general linguistics.

Robin Barr

Indo-European and psycholinguistics, morphology, relationship between language learning and language change.

Ruth Roberts-Kohno

Teacher training, building effective communication skills for non-native English speakers, the effect of immediate corrective feedback in the classroom, and the occurrence of unusual phonological patterns in languages.

Jisook Paik

Second language acquisition, language education planning, cross-cultural communication and culture in bilingual education, and qualitative methods in classroom-based research.

Younghee Sheen

Instructed second language acquisition, in particular, the role of form-focused instruction and corrective feedback in language learning.

Polina Vinogradova

Identity negotiation in personal and multimodal narratives; language, culture, and human interaction; multiliteracies and multimodality; pedagogical uses of digital storytelling.

Sarah Young

Second language acquisition, language teaching methods, applied linguistics, metalinguistic awareness, and working with low-literate adult learners.