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TESOL | Master's International Program/MA in TESOL

TESOL Master's International Program

Master's International Program

Master’s International Program

The Master’s International Program (MIP) is a joint venture between the Peace Corps and American University, which enables graduate students to prepare for Peace Corps English language teaching assignments while earning an MA in TESOL. Students qualify for Peace Corps Assignments in Secondary School TEFL Instruction, University English Teaching, and University Level English Teacher Education. Upon completion of the Master’s International Program, graduates are ready to enter the job market with excellent academic credentials, significant overseas teaching experience, and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) status. 

Students apply to American University and the Peace Corps separately, and complete the bulk of their classes before leaving for their Peace Corps assignment. The Peace Corps service usually counts as a 6-credit Peace Corps internship and also allows students to waive the 3-credit course English Language Teaching III. Upon completion of Peace Corps service, students return to American University to complete their remaining course work.

Brooke Cashman, on the MIP and her Peace Corps experience in the Philippines:

"For me, the MIP was the perfect package—my master's coursework gave me exactly the preparation I needed to be a successful and productive teacher-training volunteer, and my Peace Corps experience allowed me to deepen my understanding of my coursework by putting it to work in the field. Together, both my master's coursework and my Peace Corps experience were more meaningful than they could have been alone."

Student Spotlight

Kathrina Konfirst (pictured) discusses why she chose to study TESOL and what she is looking forward to in Ukraine. Follow her updates on her blog.

Katie Leitch discusses why she enrolled in the Master's International Program and what she has gained from the experience.

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