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TESOL | Teaching Pronunciation

Teaching Pronunciation

This page contains resources that will be useful to students in the Teaching Pronunciation course (TESL-542), and may be of interest to anyone else interested in or involved with teaching listening and speaking skills.

Call 'Em As You Hear 'Em Pronunciation Workshop

Download the PowerPoint presentation.

Download a list of useful resources for teaching pronunciation.

Articulatory Features and Phonetic Alphabet

Two helpful tools for phonetic transcription and pronunciation, courtesy of AU TESOL's Linguist in Residence, Dr. Robin Barr. The articulatory features page and the phonetic alphabet.

The Color Vowel Chart

Copyright 1999, 2005, 2009 K. Taylor & S. Thompson

This chart and resource site was developed by Karen Taylor and Shirley Thompson as a tool for teaching the vowel sounds of American English. For more information, view the chart and contact Karen Taylor.

Categorical Perception Links

Brain Speed Test -- chirps

Categorical Perception Test -- /ba/, /da/, /ga/