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  • Women's, Gender / Sexuality St
    Mary Graydon, Room 327

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WGSS Advising Resources

WGSS is a exciting interdisciplinary program, offering a challenging course of study for undergraduate majors and minors, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. In the current semester, over 60 Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies courses are available across the university. If you have questions about declaring a major, minor or graduate certificate in WGSS, please contact Program Director Dr. Lauren Weis at weis@american.edu or WGSS Program Assistant Beth TeVault at wgss@american.edu, 202-885-2981.

Explore the following WGSS course offerings and advising resources:

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Major Checklist

Women's and Gender Studies Minor Checklist

Sexuality and Queer Studies Minor Checklist

Graduate Certificate Checklist

Spring 2015 Approved Course Listing

Fall 2014 Approved Course Listing