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  • Women's, Gender / Sexuality St
    Mary Graydon, Room 327

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Women's Studies Links




Internet Resources

  • Feminist Internet Gateway
    Comprehensive list of links to feminist sites on the web. Easy to use format. Strongly recommended as an entry point for research on the web



  • National Organization for Women
    Includes information about organization, press releases, action alerts, and information on a variety of topics
  • Feminist Majority Foundation
    Provides news and events updates, tools for feminist activists, an internet gateway, and feminist research center
  • Feminist.com
    Provides links to various women's sites, classifieds, articles and speeches, weekly news updates, a women's health update, and a women owned business section
  • Feminist Activist Resources on the Net
    Guide toward connecting feminist activists to resources on the net. Provides links to a small number of important sites on a range of topics
  • VisionsinFeminism.org
  • Women's Wire includes daily news, advice, and other information pertinent to today's women


Body Image

  • About-Face
    San Francisco group that combats negative and distorted images of women. Contains booklists, links, information about body image, and other resources




Global Feminism

  • WomenWatch
    Joint initiative of DAW, UNIFEM, and INSTRAW. Serves as a gateway to UN information and data on women world wide and provides a growing forum on global women's issues
  • Sisterhood is Global
    Includes action alerts for urgent human rights issues, information on SIGI's Human Rights Education Program, upcoming events, and SIGI's newsletter


Lesbian Resources




Reproductive Rights/Health



  • Association for Women in Science
    Provides information about the organization, contact information for local chapters, and details on scholarships and mentoring programs


Violence Against Women

  • Sexual Assault Information Page
    Provides information about acquaintance rape, child sexual abuse, incest, rape, ritual abuse, sexual assault, and sexual harassment
  • Sexual Harassment Internet Resources
    List of internet resources on sexual harassment
  • Violence Against Women Office
    Contains information on the Violence Against Women Act of 1994 and related laws and regulations, statistics, online resources, state by state hotline listings, and a link to the Nation Advisory Council on Violence Against Women


Women of Color