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WGSS | Minor in Sexuality and Queer Studies


  • Women's, Gender / Sexuality St
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    Mary Graydon, Room 327

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Minor in Sexuality and Queer Studies 

The minor in sexuality and queer studies examines familiar issues in gender/sexuality studies (including lesbian, gay, bi and trans studies, masculinities, and feminist theory). But here, the starting point for discussion destabilizes categories/identities while emphasizing queer of color critiques, queer diasporas and migrations, and the new queer cultural studies. Critical applications of queer theory to personal and social life are emphasized.  

The minor requires 18 credit hours with grades of C or better with at least 12 credit hours unique to the minor, and at least 9 credits at the 300-level or above.


Course Requirements  

  • WGSS-240 Sexualities Studies FA4 (3)
  • WGSS-340 Introduction to Queer Studies (3)
  • WGSS-491 Internship in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (3) or WGSS-500 Current Issues and Research in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (3)
  • 9 credit hours from the following, with at least one course from each area:

Arts and Humanities 

  • AMST-334 Contemporary American Culture (3) (approved topics)
  • AMST-341 Research on the City of Washington (1-6) (approved topics)
  • ARTH-396 Selected Topics: Non-recurring (1-6) (approved topics)
  • ARTH-431 Visual Arts in the United States to 1890 (3)
  • ARTH-432 Visual Arts in the United States: 1890 to 1935 (3)
  • ARTH-434 Contemporary Visual Art and Postmodernism (3)
  • COMM-275 Dissident Media: Voices from the Underground FA4 (3)
  • COMM-516 Topics in Film and Media Arts: The Radical Image (3)
  • HIST-500 Studies in History (3) (approved topics)
  • HNRS-300 Honors Colloquium in Arts and Humanities (3) (approved topics)
  • LIT-310 Major Authors (3) (approved topics)
  • LIT-332 Shakespeare Studies (3) (approved topics)
  • LIT-337 Topics in Restoration and Enlightenment Literature (3) (approved topics)
  • LIT-340 Topics in Nineteenth Century British and European Literature (3) (approved topics) 
  • Or another course approved by the program director

Social Sciences 

  • ANTH-215 Sex, Gender, and Culture FA3 (3)
  • ANTH-350 Special Topics (3) (approved topics)
  • ANTH-431 Taboos (3)
  • ANTH-537 Topics in Language and Culture (3) (approved topics)
  • ANTH-544 Topics in Public Anthropology (3) (approved topics)
  • HFIT-323 Issues in Women's Health (3)
  • HNRS-302 Honors Colloquium in Social Sciences (3) (approved topics)
  • PSYC-430 Human Sexual Behavior (3)
  • SOCY-205 Diverse and Changing Families FA4 (3)
  • SOCY-350 Social Problems in a Changing World (3)
  • SOCY-570 Sociology of Gender and Family (3)
  • WGSS-350 Interpreting Gender in Culture (3) (approved topics)
  • WGSS-400 Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Theory (3)
  • Or another course approved by the program director