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World Languages & Cultures

BA in Foreign Language and Communication Media

Admission to the Program

Students are admitted either to the School of Communication or to the Department of World Languages and Cultures in the College of Arts and Sciences. Formal admission to the Foreign Language and Communication Media (FLCM) major requires a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.50. Students who are unable to achieve a 2.50 GPA and declare a major in FLCM are not allowed to take courses in the School of Communication after they have completed 60 credit hours of undergraduate credit.

Program Tracks

French, German, Russian, or Spanish combined with Broadcast Journalism, Print Journalism, Public Communication, or Film and Media Arts 

University Requirements

  • A total of 120 credit hours 
  • 6 credit hours of college writing 
  • 3 credit hours of college mathematics or the equivalent by examination 

General Education Requirements

  • A total of ten courses, consisting of two courses from each of the five foundational areas
  • At least one course from Area Five: The Natural and
    Mathematical Sciences must include a laboratory science
  • No more than two courses may be taken in the same

Major Requirements

  • 57 credit hours with grades of C or better. With approval of the student’s advisor, up to 6 credit hours taken abroad may be applied toward the communication requirements.
  • Prerequisite competency in the major language at the intermediate level 
  • Students must maintain a minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA

Course Requirements

Foundation (6 credit hours)

  • COMM-100 Understanding Media (3) 
  • COMM-200 Writing for Communication (3) 

Foreign Language (18 credit hours)

  • 18 credit hours of courses in the major language (French, German, Russian, or Spanish) at the 300 level or above taken in the Department of World and Language Cultures

Contemporary Culture (6 credit hours)

  • Two courses related to any contemporary culture as approved by advisor  

Linguistics (3 credit hours)

  • One of the following: 
  • ANTH-225 Language and Human Experience (3) 
  • ANTH-254 Language and Culture (3) 
  • TESL-5xx linguistics course as approved by advisor 

Communication (24 credit hours)

  • Three media studies courses from the School of Communication, with at least one at the 300-level or above; and five professional courses in one of the four communication program tracks: broadcast journalism, print journalism, public communication, or film and media arts: 

Broadcast Journalism 

  • Three media studies courses with at least one at the 300-level or above, as approved by advisor 
  • COMM-305 Digital Skills (3)
  • COMM-320 Reporting (3) 
  • COMM-385 Digital Audio Production (3) 
  • COMM-428 Advanced Television and Video Production (3) 
  • COMM-432 Television Field Reporting (3) 

Print Journalism 

  • Three media studies courses with at least one at the 300-level or above, as approved by advisor
  • COMM-305 Digital Skills (3)
  • COMM-320 Reporting (3) 
  • COMM-425 Advanced Reporting (3) 
  • Two from the following: 
  • COMM-323 Computer Techniques for Communication Studies (3) 
  • COMM-325 Feature Article Writing (3) 
  • COMM-326 Sports Journalism (3) 
  • COMM-330 Principles of Photography (3) 
  • COMM-502 In-Depth Journalism (3) 
  • COMM-521 Opinion Writing (3) 
  • COMM-545 Business and Economic Journalism (3) 

Public Communication 

  • COMM-209 Communication and Society (3) 
  • Two additional media studies courses with at least one at the 300-level or above, as approved by advisor 
  • COMM-301 Public Relations (3) 
  • COMM-337 Public Relations Writing (3) 
  • COMM-346 Public Relations Case Studies (3) 
  • COMM-380 Public Communication Research (3) 
  • COMM-437 Public Relations Media (3) 

Film and Media Arts

  • COMM-105 Visual Literacy (3) 
  • Two additional media studies courses with at least one at the 300-level or above, as approved by advisor 
  • COMM-330 Principles of Photography (3) 
  • COMM-331 Film and Video Production I (3) 
  • COMM-350 Digital Imaging and Design (3) 
  • COMM-382 Writing for Visual Media (3) 
  • One additional course approved by advisor 

University Honors Program

To graduate with University Honors, students must be admitted to the University Honors Program, maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.50, and receive grades of B or better in all University Honors course work. There are three levels of University Honors course requirements: Level I (100-200-level); Level II (300-level and above); and Level III (Honors Capstone Project). The department Honors coordinator advises students in the University Honors Program regarding requirements for graduating with University Honors in the major. For more information, go to the University Honors Program.

Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees

American University offers students the opportunity to earn both undergraduate and graduate degrees through its accelerated bachelor’s/master’s programs. Undergraduate students may complete up to 3 credits for every 9 credits required for the graduate degree that may be applied to the requirements for both degree programs.  The department that oversees the graduate program the student enters will determine if the courses the undergraduate student completes will satisfy master’s degree requirements. 

Bachelor’s/master’s students must complete at least 18 in-residence credit hours at the graduate level after the bachelor’s degree is earned and  maintain continuous, sequential enrollment in the two programs. Students must finish the master’s degree requirements within three years from the date of first enrollment in the master’s program.


For More Information

Please contact:

Courtney Pollack
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