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WLC | Italian

Lake Maggiore, Italy

Lake Maggiore, Italy

The World Languages and Cultures Department offers a range of courses in Italian, from introductory to advanced levels. The introductory courses emphasize a communicative approach that stresses familiarity with the language structure, the cultural context and provides the students with a critical view of Italian and American cultural traits from a comparative viewpoint. Advanced courses emphasize the acquisition of thematic vocabulary and more specialized grammatical structures in culturally authentic contexts through speaking, reading, writing and listening. Additionally, Italian internships are available for academic credit under the supervision of the Italian faculty.

Minor in Language and Area Studies: Italian/Europe

Please see the Italian/Europe Minor page for details.



Please see AU Registrar for current offerings.

  • ITAL-118 Italian Elementary I
  • ITAL-119 Italian Elementary II
  • ITAL-218 Italian Intermediate I
  • ITAL-219 Italian Intermediate II
  • ITAL-318 Conversation & Composition I
  • ITAL-319 Conversation & Composition II
  • LFS-490 Independant Studies Courses on various topics


For More Information

Please contact Prof. Ranieri Moore Cavaceppi