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Most WLC students study abroad as a way to further their experience with and knowledge of the languages and cultures they study here on campus. Many students consider studying abroad one of their best experiences since it allows them to travel, meet new people, obtain different perspectives, and of course strengthen their language skills, all while earning credit toward their degree.

A crucial aspect of the AU study abroad experience is that students engage in rigorous academic coursework abroad, and are able to fulfill major, minor, and other graduation requirements. Students may choose to participate in custom-designed programs termed "enclave programs," or in direct enrollment opportunities at top-ranked universities worldwide.


New Study Abroad Opportunity

The Department of World Languages and Cultures and AU Abroad are proud to offer a new study option for Italian language students in Modena, Italy. Beginning in the spring 2010 term, intermediate and advanced Italian language students will be able to study at the Universita Degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia. Students participate in a six week intensive language program prior to the spring term and will then directly enroll into courses at the University for the spring term. Students should have completed ITAL 218 or ITAL 318 (or have prior Italian language training at these levels) prior to participating in the program. This program is ideal for students pursuing the minor in Language/Area Studies: Italian/ Europe, but students from all majors and minors are encouraged to apply. More information can be found on AU Abroad's Web site for more information.