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Language Clubs

Language clubs are organized by students with a passion for language and a desire to share that passion with the greater AU community to promote language learning and cultural understanding. Typical activities include:

  • conversation tables where speakers at all levels meet informally and speak only the target language
  • movie nights where club members watch a movie in the target language and discuss
  • sponsoring speakers for the AU community, for example the French Deputy Ambassador
  • embassy visits
  • museum visits
  • themed dinners
  • holiday celebrations such as the Cinco de Mayo, Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras

WLC sponsors the following language clubs. If you would like more information or would like to join a club, please contact the club or faculty advisor:

Arabic Club:  Professor George Berg, 
Chinese Club:  Professor Linda Li, or
Professor Haiying Yang, 
French Club:  Professor Elizabeth Lang, 
German Club: Professor William Quirk,
Italian Club: Professor Ranieri Cavaceppi, 
Spanish Club: Professor Marie Pineiro,