The Department of World Languages and Cultures at American University is conveniently situated close to international trade, diplomatic, and cultural organizations, centers for international studies, as well as U.S. government agencies dealing with international affairs. This presence gives students the opportunity of regular contacts and exchanges, as well as early and continued exposure to regional and cultural environments that make learning target languages easier. A very important advantage of the D.C. location for language studies is that students have first hand information about internships and employment opportunities in other countries or with international organizations in D.C. The proximity of American University to the head offices of many organizations is a marked advantage in establishing contacts and learning about new areas of possible work or research.

Proyecto Amistad

Proyecto Amistad is an internship program in the Spanish-speaking community of the Washington, D.C. area. This course aims to promote cross-cultural understanding, improve Spanish language skills, including translation, and provide students the opportunity to gain practical work experience. Participants must work seventy (70) hours per credit hour as interns in an approved agency as well as attend regular class meetings with the other interns in the program.

Course value: 1-6 credits for undergraduates, 1-3 credits for graduates.

Grading System: P/F-A passing grade requires satisfactory completion of all academic and work components.

We have a list of diverse organizations where students can work. However, interns can also find a job on their own, provided it complies with the standards of the course.

Faculty Coordinator: Esther Holtermann
Office: McCabe Hall 224
Phone: 202-885-2390