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Writing Center | International Student Resources

We welcome international students who wish to improve their writing and command of American academic style. Because academic writing styles vary by nationality and culture, we offer special coaching on American academic writing styles and documentation of sources.

In the writing center, you will work as a partner with a fellow student. We do not correct grammatical errors, but instead help you recognize patterns of grammatical errors. We offer you the opportunity to work one-on-one with consultants to improve your fluency in American writing style.

At the Writing Center, we also have handouts of specific interest to non-native speakers.

For students requiring additional help with language and writing, we recommend that you visit the Writing Lab in the Academic Support & Access Center (ASAC). Also, take a look at their Service for International Students.


We recommend...

the following books as additional resources for grammar, language and style

Beyond the Answer Sheet, William B. Badke

"Good reference for American academic culture -- how to relate to professors, the Western style of education, expectations of U. S. classrooms, etc. Easy and friendly to read."

Longman Advanced American Dictionary, Karen Stern and Ruth Urbon

"To really learn English, use an English-English dictionary (not a bilingual translator). This dictionary includes idioms and grammar information. There's also a CD ROM that includes pronunciation."

English in Today's Research World, John M. Swales and Christine B. Feak

"For graduate students -- includes information about writing literatrue reviews, conference abstracts, dissertaitons, and theses, aas well as other communications such as fellowship applications, CVs, and letters of reccommendation."

Chartbook: Understanding and Using English Grammar, Betty Schrampfer Azar

"This is a good small but fairly complete grammar reference. (If you want exercises, buy Understanding and Using English Grammar.)"

Academic Vocabulary, Amy E. Olson

"Vocabulary workbook organized by subject area. Every chapter also focuses on vocabulary skills such as guessing and predicting. Includes answer key and flashcards."

     El Centro de Escritura

  • Estudiantes de grado y posgrado lo asesoraran para mejorar su escritura en cualquier curso de AU.
  • Durante su consulta gratis do 45 minutos, le ofreceran consejos
  • Lammar al 885-2991 y hacer una consulta.