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For longtime observers of Cuba-U.S. relations, D-17 has become universally recognized as shorthand for the date in 2014 that Presidents Barack Obama and Raúl Castro appeared on television simultaneously to announce their intention to restore diplomatic ties and endeavor to normalize relations between their countries.

The essays presented in the Implications of Normalization forum, sponsored by the Center for Latin American & Latino Studies at American University and the Cuba Program at the Social Science Research Council, delve more deeply into the ramifications of changes in U.S.-Cuba relations. The analyses encompass a variety of themes, ranging from U.S.-Cuba relations to hemispheric dynamics to the consequences for ongoing political, societal, and economic change in Cuba. We encourage readers to download and distribute them widely.

In May 2016, a revised version of the collection was published by Palgrave MacMillan as A New Chapter in US-Cuba Relations: Social, Political, and Economic Implications.

Ricardo Torres

Una perspectiva comparada del acercamiento entre Cuba y Estados Unidos


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Ted A. Henken and Gabriel Vignoli

Enterprising Cuba: Citizen Empowerment, State Abandonment, or U.S. Business Opportunity?


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Emily Morris

How Will U.S.-Cuban Normalization Affect Economic Policy in Cuba?


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Vegard Bye

The End of "Plattismo"?


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Bert Hoffmann

A Südpolitik Made in Washington?


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Holly Ackerman

Post D-17 and Processes of Cuban National Reconciliation


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Marifeli Pérez-Stable

Cuban Exceptionalism


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Ana Serra

View from Cuba: How the New U.S.-Cuba Policy May Affect Cuban Literature and Film


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Frederick Z. Brown

Cuba, Vietnam, and "Normalization"


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Andrés Serbin

Onstage or Backstage?: Latin America and U.S.-Cuban Relations


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Carlos Ciaño Zanetti

Capablanca vs. Bobby Fisher y el ajedrez político Cuba-USA


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Andreas Pickel

The End of a Failed Foreign Policy: The U.S.-Cuba System on the Threshold of a New Era


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Arturo Lopez-Levy

Cuba-EEUU: El 17 de diciembre en la lógica de las relaciones asimétricas


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Philip Brenner

Establishing, Not Restoring, Normal Relations between the United States and Cuba


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Louis A. Pérez, Jr.

The United States Reengages Cuba: The Habit of Power


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William M. LeoGrande

The End of the Bogeyman: The Political Repercussions of the U.S.-Cuban Rapprochement


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Eric Hershberg

Introduction to an AU/SSRC Web Forum


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