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Cuba Document Archive | Recommendations for the Trump Administration

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Obama's Cuba Doctrine...and Why Trump should keep it

By Philip Peters (The American Conservative, January 26, 2017)

This article argues for the expansion of former President Obama’s efforts to foster agreements with Cuba and establish regular communication with Castro’s government. If Trump decides to return to the policies enacted during the presidency of George W. Bush, he risks harming both U.S. and Cuban businesses; closing diplomatic channels that could help the U.S. extend its influence in human rights and economic matters; and halting joint scientific research that could produce new treatments for diseases. The article suggests building on President Obama’s policies by expanding intelligence communication, restructuring exportation agreements, and updating migration policies with Cuba.

Link to full text via The American Conservative

Is the U.S. Opening to Cuba Dead in the Water? Obama's Historic Normalization with Havana is Under Threat from Trump's Hardline Cabal of Castro-haters

By Christopher Sabatini (Foreign Policy, January 9, 2017)

This article discusses the growing concern that President-elect Trump’s administration will reverse all progress made on relations with Cuba by President Obama. Repealing Obama’s policies would risk limiting scientific collaboration between the U.S. and Cuba on fighting infectious diseases, pass up the opportunity to collaborate with Cuban intelligence, and weaken communication between the citizens of the two nations. The author suggests maintaining the core of the reforms, such as the normalization of relations and intelligence cooperation, while reconsidering certain travel and importation policies.

Link to full text via Foreign Policy

Why Would Donald Trump Adopt Marco Rubio's Failed Cuba Policy?

By William LeoGrande (The National Interest, January 9, 2017)

This article analyzes the potential benefits of cooperating with Cuba and the dangers of adopting the plans of Senator Marco Rubio, who looks to revive the Bush-era policies. If he were to follow his own plans, President Trump could manage to fulfill many of his campaign promises, such as creating jobs, improving border security by means of a new migration agreement with Cuba, and providing protection from crime and terrorism. The author urges President Trump to work constructively with the Cuban government as President Raúl Castro transitions out of power in 2018.

Link to full text via The National Interest

We Need a Cuba Policy that Truly Serves the Cuban People

By José R. Cárdenas (Foreign Policy, December 20, 2016)

This article calls for President-elect Trump to reconsider President Obama’s policy towards Cuba in order to determine whether the changes are truly beneficial to the Cuban people. The author indicates several areas the Trump administration can focus on as it moves forward with its policy toward Cuba, such as re-establishing common ground with Cuban dissidents and human rights activists; reviewing any executive orders or deals made by President Obama; and reviewing the immigration privileges most Cubans receive within the U.S.

Link to full text via Foreign Policy

Here's a Blueprint for a Trump-Castro Deal on Cuba

By Richard E. Feinberg and Ted Piccone (Americans Quarterly, December 8, 2016)

In December of 2016, President-elect Trump claimed that he planned to terminate any deals that had previously been made between President Obama and President Raúl Castro. This article outlines specific policy steps that could be taken to reach agreement and serve the interests of both the United States and Cuba. Shared issues such as terrorism, irregular migration, narcotics, open markets, the settling of private property claims, religious freedom, access to information, and the release of political prisoners, could all be grounds for cooperation between the two nations.

Link to full text via Americans Quarterly

Memo to President Trump and His Incoming Administration. U.S. Policy Toward Cuba: The Case for Engagement

(Cuba Study Group)

The Cuba Study Group issued a memo calling on President Trump to consider the recent progress made in U.S.-Cuba relations before reversing those changes. The group created a list of bilateral benefits to continuing U.S. engagement with Cuba as well as a list of the consequences of disengagement with Cuba. The study group urged President Trump to be aware of the issue of claims to expropriated U.S. properties, and the transition of Cuban leadership when President Raúl Castro steps down from his post in February 2018.

Link to full text via Cuba Study Group