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Feminist Philosophy in Latin America and Spain

Editors: Maria Luisa Femenias and
Amy A. Oliver

Over the past decades, Western philosophy has been enriched by the development of feminist thought. This book, edited by philosophers María Luisa Femenías, from Argentina, and Amy A. Oliver, from the United States, is about feminist thought in Latin America and Spain. The subject is timely: today feminist philosophy is pursued in virtually every Hispanic nation, and there is a greater willingness to examine the standpoints and experiences of different groups of women and the diversity and relevance of feminist voices in philosophical debates.

The book’s content blends the theory, history, and practice of feminism in Hispanic countries. Crucial conceptions of gender, difference, and context are clarified and explained in a number of chapters. There are also chapters that focus on the historical development of feminism and its practice in specific nations.

Feminist Philosophy in Latin America and Spain is a relevant book for two reasons. Feminist philosophy is dominated by Anglo American authors. This book presents a collection of essays written by contemporary Latin American thinkers who write from different countries and thus from a different reference point so that they add to the range of ideas to be discussed. Furthermore, not only do the essays raise important questions about the complex relation between feminism and culture; they further suggest an agenda for future discussion of the issues.

Arleen L. F. Salles
Special Series Editor, Philosophy in Latin America

Publisher: Rodopi, 2007
ISBN: 978-90-420-2207-2


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