Poems From Debris And Ashes

Poemas de Escombros y Cenizas

By: Consuelo Hernandez

In Poems of Debris and Ashes, Consuelo Hernández, provides us with critical, urgent, and irrepressible words. This voice balances on the injustice found everywhere and becomes a shout that, in search of being heard, travels to a place where we know no one hears it. Its effort is not wasted, but necessary. And so it goes, down the road of what seems to be our history—a string of catastrophes that knock us down— to put these verses on high, making the warning visible, with the hope that someone will pause. Without a doubt, a book with these characteristics is a much needed and urgent book. - Elvira Hernández Chilean poet

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation, 2006
ISBN: 978-1-5-9926-9733

Consuelo Hernandez Consuelo Hernandez
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