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A Chronicle of Corruption in the National Civil Police of El Salvador

Photo by zambomba | Flickr | Creative Commons

Corruption and the infiltration by organized crime of public institutions in Central America is an unaddressed issue, one that lies at the core of the increasing violence and democratic instability that has afflicted the region in the last decade.

In El Salvador, since the 1992 Peace Accord, infiltration has mutated into a system capable of determining important political and strategic decisions, such as the election of the Attorney General and the shaping of the state approach to fighting crime. Furthermore, organized crime infiltration of the Policia Nacional Civil (PNC) has nurtured drug and money laundering organizations while overstating issues of youth gangs as the principal cause of violence and crime.

AU Research Fellow Héctor Silva is undertaking both archival and field research to document the infiltration of organized crime in the PNC, which will result in the publication of a Spanish-language book in the fall of 2013. Documenting the real impact of infiltration on democratic stability, institutional strengthening, public security, and economic development is essential. The findings of this project represent an opportunity to influence stakeholders working towards a more transparent Salvadoran society in both the U.S. and El Salvador. Funding for this project is provided by the Open Society Foundations.

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