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Challenging Social Inequality: The Landless Rural Workers Movement and Agrarian Reform in Brazil

Edited by: Miguel Carter, Duke University Press


Rethinking Anti-Americanism: The History of an Exceptional Concept in American Foreign Relations

By: Max Paul Friedman, Cambridge University Press

New Institutions of Participatory Democracy: Voice and Consequence

Edited by: Maxwell A. Cameron, Eric Hershberg and Ken Sharpe, Palgrave Macmillan


Taking a Stand: The Evolution of Human Rights

By: Juan E. Méndez and Marjory Wentworth, Palgrave Macmillan



Roosters at Midnight: Indigenous Signs and Stigma in Local Bolivian Politics

By: Robert Albro, 2010

Comercio, Empleo y Distribución: Efectos de la Integración Regional y Global

In Crecimiento Económico y Equidad, Edited by Nora Lustig

By: Robert Blecker, 2010

Latin America's Left Turns: Politics, Policies & Trajectories of Change

Edited by: Maxwell A. Cameron and Eric Hershberg, 2010

Picked Apart: The Hidden Struggles of Migrant Worker Women in the Maryland Crab Industry

By: Jayesh Rathod and Adrienne Lockie, 2010


Combatendo a Desigualdade Social o MST e a Reforma Agraria no Brasil

Edited by: Miguel Carter, 2008

Working Hard, Drinking Hard: On Violence and Survival in Honduras

By: Adrienne Pine, 2008

La Mirada de los Jueces, Tomo 1 y Tomo 2

Edited By: Cristina Motta and Macarena Saez, 2008



A Contemporary Cuba Reader

Edited by: Philip Brenner, Marguerite Rose Jimenez, John M. Kirk and William M. LeoGrande, 2007

Feminist Philosophy in Latin America and Spain

Edited by: María Luisa Femenías and Amy A. Oliver, 2007

A New Man in Cuba: Culture and Identity in the Revolution

By: Ana Serra, 2007

Border Texts: Writing Fiction From Northern Mexico

By: Nuria Vilanova, 2007



Sate and Society in Conflict Comparative Perspectives on Andean Crises

Edited by: Paul W. Drake and Eric Hershberg, 2006

Poems From Debris and Ashes/Poemas de Escombros y Cenizas

By: Consuelo Hernandez, 2006

Latin America After Neoliberalism: Turning the Tide in the 21st Century?

Edited by: Eric Hershberg and Fred Rosen, 2006



American Immigration and Ethnicity: A Reader

Edited by: David A. Gerber and Alan M. Kraut, 2005



Courting Democracy in Mexico: Party Strategies and Electoral Institutions

By: Todd A. Eisenstadt, 2004  

Media Power in Central America

By: Rick Rockwell and Noreene Janus, 2004


Nazis and Good Neighbors: The United States Campaign Against the Germans of Latin America in World War II

By: Max Paul Friedman, 2003



Confronting Consumption

Edited by: Ken Conca, Thomas Princen and Michael Maniates, 2002



Exiting the Whirlpool: U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Latin America and the Caribbean

By: Robert A. Pastor, 2001



Social Change and Literature in Peru 1970-1990

By: Nuria Vilanova, 1999


Alvaro Mutis: una Estética del Deterioro

By: Consuelo Hernandez, 1997



Constructing Democracy: Human Rights, Citizenship, and Society in Latin America

Edited by: Elizabeth Jelin and Eric Hershberg, 1996



Silent Travelers: Germs, Genes and the 'Immigrant Menace'

By: Alan M. Kraut, 1994




By: William Frank Gentile
Introduction by: William M. LeoGrande