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CLALS | Religion & Violence in Latin America - Jan. 2013

Five panelists at a table in front of a full room

From left to right: Amelia Frank-Vitale, Robert Brenneman, Alexander Wilde, Patrick Kelly and Winifred Tate, featured in the public panel discussion "Religion, Violence and Human Rights in Latin America: A new generation of scholars."

As part of its multi-year initiative on Religion and Violence in Latin America, the Center held a project workshop January 14-15, 2013. The purpose was to discuss the fourteen pieces of original research commissioned since the initial planning meeting held in March 2012. It aimed as well to explore the validity and utility of the project concept paper in light of this new work.

Workshop participants presented central themes and questions from their draft papers which were in various stages of elaboration. The pieces delivered focused on both the past and present, in the form of case studies as well as thematic, synthetic treatments of topics.

A moderated discussion, open to the public was held at the culmination of the workshop on Tuesday, January 15. Titled "Religion, Violence and Human Rights in Latin America: A new generation of scholarship," it featured Robert Brenneman of Saint Michael's College, Amelia Frank-Vitale of the Institute of Current World Affairs, Patrick Kelly, doctoral candidate at the University of Chicago and Winifred Tate of Colby College. Alexander Wilde, the project's co-director and CLALS Research Scholar, moderated the discussion.