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La Mirada de Los Jueces

Edited by: Cristina Motta and
Macarena Sáez

This two volume series, composed of Género y jurisprudenciales en Latinoamericana (Tomo 1) and Sexualidades diversas en la jurisprudencia latinoamericana (Tomo 2), is a thorough reading and learning tool about some of the most important decisions undertaken by judges in different Latin American countries regarding rights of women and sexual minorities. The decisions that are introduced and analyzed have been chosen because of their argumentative quality and their potential for positive impact in other cases within the region. Some of the cases have been chosen to show precisely their argumentative bias against women or sexual minorities or to unveil poor legal reasoning that should not be repeated in other decisions. In addition to case law analysis, some chapters also provide a critical assessment of national and international regulations as well as international reports and public policies, providing a better understanding of some of the problems that women and sexual minorities face in Latin America. For the first time in Latin America, the volumes compile and systematize decisions in important areas that have been thus far neglected in the region, providing the legal community with examples of good and poor legal reasoning that should be followed or avoided.

Publishers: Siglo del Hombre Editores, 2008