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Border Texts

Writing Fiction From Northern Mexico


Author: Nuria Vilanova

Nuria Vilanova's new, cutting-edge volume is about borders and texts. It studies the relationship between the Mexico-U.S. border and some of the fiction produced in the area. What are the different presences of the border within these texts? Is the border so powerful as to permeate the literary discourse and aesthetics of such texts? Can the multidimensional space of the border be determinant in the making of fiction? After a review of border dynamics within the Mexico-U.S. context, with a look at border and Chicano studies, Vilanova's study explores the fiction of Jesus Gardea and Luis Humberto Crosthwaite whose works document, even as they emerge from, the unique socio-cultural melange of the border.

Publisher: San Diego State University Press, 2007

Nuria Vilanova Nuria Vilanova
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