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Changing Cuba Policy - In the United States National Interest

(111th Congressional Committee on Foreign Relations, 2009)

Congressman Richard Lugar appointed a U.S. delegation to travel to Cuba and evaluate the effectiveness of current U.S. policy towards the nation. The delegation recommends opening relations between the two nations in the interest of more effective counter-narcotics cooperation, economic growth, the promotion of democracy, and national security. It presents the evidence on which each of these assertions are based and offers strategies for resolving diplomatic tension.  

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Letter from the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations to President Barack Obama

(March 2009)

The Committee on Foreign Relations congratulated President Obama on easing travel restrictions, and encourages greater cooperation between the two countries. The Committee identifies the 2009 Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and Tobago as an ideal point to begin to re-establish diplomatic relations with Cuba, and provides a plan of action to do so.

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Letter from Richard Lugar, ranking member on the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, to fellow senators

(March 2009)

In anticipation of a vote for the Omnibus Bill, Senator Lugar urges his colleagues to take into account the recommendations presented in the Changing Cuba Policy Report.

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