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Clocks and Clouds Undergraduate Research Journal

"All clouds are clocks, even the most cloudy of clouds." - Karl Popper

What is Clocks and Clouds?

Clocks and Clouds is an American University undergraduate research journal that publishes articles on the cutting edge of political science, international relations, and public policy. Through the journal, our authors contribute to the intellectual dialogue both within the American University community and in broader academia. Philosopher Karl Popper's "clocks and clouds" metaphor describes the two ends of the spectrum of predictability in social science: Clouds represent the disorderly and irregular, and clocks represent the predictable and rational. By providing a venue for top undergraduate research, Clocks and Clouds aims to find the clocks amidst the clouds.


How can I join Clocks and Clouds?  

Do you enjoy reading pieces related to public affairs and international relations? Do you like editing and revising your peers' work? Are you interested in the details of journal publication, marketing, or graphic design? Apply for a staff position or for the Editorial Review Board!

Clocks and Clouds regularly welcomes new staff members and editorial reviewers. Staff and reviewers range from freshmen to seniors and have varied research backgrounds. Serving as a reviewer is a premiere opportunity for American University undergraduate students to build valuable research and writing skills, and to demonstrate these skills to graduate schools and employers.

Apply for staff and reviewer vacancies here. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until the application deadline, and staff appointments are made in April for the following semester. Like our Facebook page to receive updates about openings for staff and reviewers!

How can I submit an article?  

Do you love writing? Do you love research? Want to be published in a shiny journal and see your article appear on AU's website? Send us your work!

Submissions can be emailed to Click here for our official submission policies (PDF).


Why should I submit my work? 

Publishing an article in a peer-review journal is the perfect opportunity to share your ideas with the American University community and the broader academic world. Additionally, putting your research through the submission and review process is a great way to improve your research and writing skills. And of course, having your work published is an excellent resume-builder for graduate school applications and jobs in almost any field.

How is the journal produced?  

First, interested participants submit their original research articles to the journal. A panel of student reviewers assesses and edits submissions in a double-blind review process and provides anonymous feedback to authors. After selected articles are sufficiently reworked, revised, and copy-edited, the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor select the articles that the journal will publish. The production team then formats the journal and works with the senior editors to send the final product to the publisher.

Is getting an article published difficult? Clocks and Clouds is a selective journal that aims to publish distinguished articles. However, our reviewers and senior editors work closely with authors to turn good articles into exceptional ones. Some authors are asked to reorganize or revise their work independently for review in the next submission cycle with a much higher chance of publication the second time around. If you're passionate about research and have some time to commit to the review process, don't hesitate to submit your work.

How can I learn more?  

Visit and like our official Facebook page for deadlines, updates, and upcoming events! For other questions, feel free to email us!