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Bradley Russian

School of Public Affairs, Master of Arts in Political Science


boughtonCongratulations Graduates!

Soon we will make history as American University's first graduating class to walk across the stage in a December ceremony. We also have the rare opportunity to commence alongside students from across the university, rather than from a single program.

As someone who has graduated from AU before (I received my bachelor's degree from SPA last spring), I can attest to the fact that this is special – we can ALL celebrate the home we have built together before making that leap into the "real world."

We Eagles have done great things these last few years – we've excelled in the classrooms, interned in the city, and we've welcomed presidents to our doorstep. We can share pride in knowing that because of our efforts, AU is on the rise!

But even after we walk across the stage, our job will not be over. No matter what careers we pursue, or where we plan to go, we all share a home at AU and a commitment to upholding our community's values in the world beyond.

So during these next few weeks, I encourage you all to reflect on your identity as an AU Eagle, and about what made your time here special to you. We have done great things together, and now it is time to show the world what we have learned. Good luck as you take the next leap, and farewell!