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2009 AFTC Session Handouts


Teaching and Learning Resources
(202) 885-3926
Hurst Hall Room 204

Teaching and Learning Resources
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016

Session I - 9:30-10:45 am

Teaching Writing in the Disciplines: What We Value and How to Teach It
Lacey Wootton-Don (CAS-LIT), Kelly Joyner (CAS-LIT), Rose Ann Robertson (SOC), Teresa Larkin (CAS-PHYS), Bonnie Auslander (KSB), and Lyn Stallings (CAS-MATH)

Teaching Classes Students Don’t Want to Take
Michael Keynes (CAS-MATH), John Hyman (CAS-LIT; Dir., College Writing Program), and Chris Tudge (CAS-BIO)

Session II - 11:00-12:15 pm

Inspiring Students to Become Enthusiastic and Motivated Learners

Chris Palmer (SOC)

Session III - 2:00-3:15pm

Diversity in the Classroom: Creating an Inclusive Atmosphere
Caren Goldberg (KSB) and Tiffany Sanchez (Dir., New Student Programs)

Fighting the Slump: Effective Pedagogy for Reinvigorating the Mid-Semester Classroom
Alison Thomas (CAS-LIT), Darrell Hayes (SOC), Alex Hodges (University Library), Jocelyn McCarthy (CAS-LIT), Michael Keynes (CAS-MATH), and Tony Ahrens (CAS-PSYC)