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App Review: Blackboard Mobile Learning App


Blackboard Mobile Learn App



The app allows access to content from the Blackboard System on a mobile platform.

Cost and Platform

American University has no university-wide mobile license at this time. The app costs $1.99 a year or $5.99 for life. Available in Apple iTunes, App store, and Google Play store. There appears to be no discernible differences between features on the iPhone versus the Android.


The advantage of this app is that faculty and students can access the Blackboard site on the go. The user interface is aesthetically pleasing; in some cases even better than the online version. It can do the basics – view Word documents or PDFs watch videos, and track discussions.


Students can access most all features with the mobile device. Faculty, however do not have access to the “Control Panel” which greatly limits their options. Thus, creating a new thread, posting a new document, or adding a new user is not possible. Collaborate (BB’s synchronous tool) requires a different app.


The best feature is the ease with which you can download and view documents on BB. But limiting access to only passive activities such as viewing materials reduces the usefulness and utility.


Grade:  B+ for students, B for faculty

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