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Creating Inclusive Classrooms


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An inclusive classroom is one that promotes diversity of thought and perspective based on students’ background, experiences and individual differences. It is a pro-social environment in which students are encouraged to grapple with diverse points of view and to respectfully engage in critical inquiry. It is one that acknowledges the different ways in which we view the world and our place within.

American University has made a commitment to create an even more diverse student body and our demographics have intentionally changed and expanded to meet this goal. As a result, our classrooms reflect a wide range of views and perspectives on topics including but not limited to race, culture, gender, political ideology, religion and the impact of geography.

This website will be a work in progress during the current academic year and we welcome suggestions from faculty and administrators about content that will support the goals stated above.To start, we are including the following:

Core Readings as a way to begin the conversation

Glossary of Terms to clarify the key issues

Syllabus Language that conveys the message to students that we value diversity

Specific Strategies to use in the classroom to address challenges that faculty have identified. These will come from both other universities and from our own faculty.