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AV - Classroom Support - Eiki_MAVCO


(202) 885-2296
Fax: (202) 885-2260
Anderson Hall, Room B-43

Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 11:00pm
Sat and Sun: as requested

4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016

(for Beeghly 1, Hurst 205, McKinley 108, SIS 14)

All equipment users should make arrangements with Audio Visual (x2296) as far in advance as possible to have the appropriate room set up for use. If you have made a request, Audio Visual will turn on and preset the projector for the needed input, and provide the necessary cable(s).

Basic Instructions for this classroom's media projection equipment:

1) Is the power on? You should be able to see light coming out of the lens. Also, the projector has labeled indicator lights on the bottom near the front.

  • If the READY light is GREEN and the LAMP light is RED, the projector is OFF, but ready for use.
  • When the READY light is GREEN and the LAMP light is on, but dim, the projector is ON.
  • When the LAMP light is bright and the READY light is off, the projector is in cool down mode and is not ready for use.

You may turn on the projector by pressing and holding the "ON" button in the EZTrol section of the equipment rack.

2) Source.   On the EZTrol, press the Laptop/CPU button to select your computer as a source.

To select the DVD/VCR, press the DVD/VCR button.

3) Using Video (VHS/DVD) If you have requested video use only, the projector should already be set to the video source. Insert the VHS tape or DVD disc and press play.   Access to the DVD menus and features is via the separate remote control for the VHS/DVD unit.   For sound, make sure that the mixer and amplifier in the equipment rack are turned on and the "Source 1" control is turned up to the appropriate level.

4) Setting up your computer:  

  1. Connect power adaptor: plug one end to the electric outlet, the smaller end to the laptop.
  2. Connect network cable (if needed): plug one end to the data port on the wall and the other end to the laptop.
  3. Connect video cable: plug one end of the video cable to the VGA port on the wall, and the other end to the blue port at the rear of the laptop. To assure the VGA cable is in the room please make a request with Audio Visual.
  4. If you will be using your computer's audio output, please request an additional audio cable.

5) Computer output.   Test your laptop in your classroom before classes begin.    On some models of laptops, a combination of the Fn key and whichever F (F1...F12) key is marked with a monitor icon or is labeled CRT/LCD will toggle the video output on. Hold down the Fn key and press the labeled F key. You may need to do this twice to have video on your laptop screen and from the projector.

6) Where can I call for help?
For projector problems call the Audio Visual Office at x2296.
For login and network problems call Technology Help Desk at x2550.  

You may also contact the SSRL Lab, Hurst   203, x3862