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Intermediate Python (Updated 2/7/14)

Hurst CTRL Lab 202

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Python is a programming language that is rapidly becoming popular in the scientific community. It has been successfully used for numerical computation, statistical analysis, simulation studies and other applications. This workshop will be helpful for students and faculty who are looking to develop new research skills and need a flexible programming environment for their analytical work. The attendees are expected to have an introductory level knowledge of the basic building blocks of a Python program, but not much beyond that point. This intermediate-level tutorial will emphasize data management and the statistical capabilities of Python with the pandas and statsmodels libraries. Some of the main topics of the workshop will be: Introduction to pandas (Panel Data Analysis module); Loading and exporting data; Data transformations; Introduction to statsmodels; A linear regression example. Space is limited, so please register for attendance at: For a list of future events, visit our website:

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