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James Lee
Associate Director, Technology and Training
(202) 885-2285

Laura March
Online Learning Trainer and Curriculum Developer
(202) 885-6225

Online Learning Group

Certification for Online Teaching

Middle States requires that that faculty teaching online undergo proper training. To meet this requirement, CTRL provides training and certifies faculty who have met our training criteria. There are three tracks towards certification:

  1. Take the AU online learning training course offered by CTRL. (Offered Spring, Summer, and Fall) 
  2. Get "fast-tracked" online learning certification based on training from other academic institution approved by CTRL trainers
  3. Take the online learning training course offered by 2U or Deltak (to be discussed with the Provost Office). 

CTRL maintains a list of all faculty who have been trained or fast-tracked. This list is provided to departments that request it to ensure that the faculty are properly certified. Our certification has three major milestones: 

  1. Prepare a revised syllabus that reflects the online nature of the course being taught. 
  2. Create a Blackboard course site with one full week of content and discussion board. 
  3. Undergo peer review by colleagues and by CTRL online learning trainers. This training is available only for those faculty designated to teach in the online degree programs. 

The online learning training course is designed for four weeks of instruction and a final week for peer review and certification. It is a hybrid course where pedagogy training and discussion is carried out online and technology training is undertaken in a face-to-face setting. Faculty at remote locations, say in the summer, can take the course totally online by relying on available videos.


Online Training
  Face-to-Face Training
Initial Syllabus Review; Course Design Strategies      
2   Objectives and Outcomes; Online Class Participation Rules   Collaborate*
3   Developing a Hybrid Course
  Social Media Tools
4   Peer Review
  Panopto Lecture Capture and other Media Capture Tools
5   CTRL Review and Certification
 *Training provided by the Library Blackboard staff.