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Grants for Consultants

As CTRL consultants, we know your primary goal, in coming to AU, is to develop yourself as a professional who can offer significant value-added to employers. Your work in CTRL and the relationships you build will contribute to this goal. We will work with you to achieve symbiosis between your responsibilities as a staff member and your longer-term objectives. The grants described below were designed to assist in this effort.

Professional Development Grants

Every CTRL consultant is eligible to receive $50 each semester to use towards their professional development. These funds can be used for software, trade books, subscriptions to journals or newspapers, conference fees, etc. They cannot be used for food, school textbooks, or school supplies. For questions about what constitutes a reimbursable expense, please contact Colette Abichaker (ext. 6818). Fill out the Professional Development Grant form and the Disbursement Request Form (see links under "FORMS") and bring these to Colette in Hurst 214 with your receipt(s) by April 1st, 2015 (for both semesters separately, or a combined $100 for the spring semester only).

Conference Grants

Every semester we give one award of $250 for a CTRL consultant who has presented or will be presenting at a professional conference during the current academic year (between April 1, 2014 and March 31, 2015). The Award Committee, consisting of several CTRL managers, will meet to choose the award recipient. Once travel is complete, the award winner will give a brief presentation during a Research Support Group research seminar. To apply, fill out the application form (see links under "FORMS") and bring it to Anna Olsson in Hurst Hall, room 204C by December 1, 2014.

CTRL Consultant of the Year Awards

Every spring a team of CTRL Managers will select one first year consultant to receive the New Consultant of the Year Award, and one continuing consultant to receive the Consultant of the Year Award. Evaluations will be based on criteria such as innovative thinking; taking initiative to fill a need; doing more than asked; and going above and beyond in your role as a CTRL consultant. The award recipients will be announced at the CTRL End of Year Party in May and be awarded a $250 stipend.


Your feedback on these grants or suggestions for other activities will be greatly appreciated. Please contact Colette or Anna with your comments, questions, or concerns.