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CPS Personal Response Pads


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CPS Personal Response Pad FAQ

I am sure I registered my pad, but I can’t login in class?

Login to Blackboard and redo the steps above. When you click on the register click button you should see the serial number listed in the blank. If not, then your registration did not go through. If there is one listed, check to see that it is the correct serial number.

I finished the registration on Blackboard, but I still can’t get it to work.

Check through the Blackboard portal to see that the correct information is there. You may need to disable the popup blocker on your machine and try to o register again.

I accidentally registered through the E-instruction website instead of Blackboard, what do I do?

You need to call E-Instruction and have someone on their tech support hotline change your status and enable you with the class. In the future, register through Blackboard to avoid this problem.

My response pad says “searching” the entire time and never finds the class?

Did you switch class sections? Normally, this happens when a person switches from one section of a class to another. You need to go back through Blackboard and register the clicker for that class too. You will not have to pay again, but it needs to associate your clicker with the new class.

CPS response pad

To register, you will need:

  1.   Response pad
  2.   Connection to the Internet
  3.   Method of Payment (Credit card)

Log on to your Blackboard account.

  1. Click the Course tab and then Tools.
  2. Click CPS Connection.
  3. Click Register Course.
  4. Enter the End Date of the class (Normally, this is the date of the class Final Exam.)  
  5. The Instructor Setup Code will automatically populate.
  6. Click Create Your Account.
  7. Click Finish Registration. (Note: There may be an Error Code may come up after this step. That is normal. The course will load into your CPS software just fine.

Student Enrollment Through Blackboard

  1. Log on to your Blackboard account.
  2. Click the Course tab and choose Tools.
  3. Click CPS Connection.
  4. Click Register Clicker.
  5. Enter your serial number in the space provided. You can find your serial number on your LCD screen when you turn on your pad: if your pad does not have an LCD screen, your serial number is on the back of the pad, under the battery cover.
  6. Click Create Your Account.
  7. Enter your Blackboard Username and Password. The registration fee will be $15 per semester for each of the first 3 semesters, and then free in subsequent semesters. Click Submit to create your account or login.