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American Today Article

Read the article about the Green Teaching Program published in the September 27, 2011 version of American Today.

Innovation Award at the 2011 POD Conference

The Green Teaching Program was given the 2011 Innovation Award at the 2011 Professional and Organizational Development in Higher Education (POD) Conference in Atlanta on October 28. The program was also represented by a Poster Presentation and in a featured interactive session for Faculty Developers on Green Teaching.

Download the poster

Inspiring Other Universities to Start Green Teaching Programs

Representatives from AU's Green Teaching Program gave a poster presentation about starting a green teaching program at the 2011 Educause Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference in Baltimore on January 13th. View the poster

Howard University, which started their own green teaching program in the fall 2010 semester, co-presented at Educause, and is one of three D.C. area universities to start programs based on the AU Green Teaching Program in the 2010-11 academic year.

Green Teacher of the Year Awards

During Earth Week every April, the Green Teacher of the Year Award is given to a faculty member who was certified during the year, and who in some way went beyond the regular certification requirements in innovative ways.

2014 - 2015: Rachel Louise Snyder

The 2015 Award was given to Professor Rachel Louise Snyder of the Department of Literature and the School of Communication, because of her creativity in implementing innovative sustainability measures - in a field that traditionally relies heavily on the use of paper, thus becoming a role model in showing that it is possible to make a difference with small adjustments in your teaching. Professor Snyder has been a certified green professor since she started teaching at AU in 2009, and has yet to accept a student assignment turned in on paper. She has also gone beyond her own classes to make AU greener, among other things by turning the Creative Writing Program's two paper newsletters into an online magazine.


2013 - 2014: Robin Broad

The 2014 Award was given to Professor Robin Broad of the School of International Service, because of her long-time commitment to teaching sustainably - she was a "green teacher" before the Green Teaching Program existed, and has consistently lived up to her reputation by earning top scores every year since the program's inception in 2008. In addition, Professor Broad is recognized for her commitment to not only making her courses greener, but for helping her students become "green students" as well as "green citizens," by teaching them how to turn ideas into action, and how their actions are connected to a broader movement that extends well beyond the classroom.


2012 - 2013: Kiho Kim

The 2013 Award was given to Professor Kiho Kim of the Department of Environmental Science, because in addition to participating in developing and testing the Green Teaching Program in 2008, he has consistently not only re-certified, but increased his efforts to teach sustainably every year. Most significantly, he has pushed his students to examine the idea of sustainability on a real and personal level, by developing class projects that connect the ideals of sustainability to actions, thus greening not only his classrooms but, more importantly, his students.

2011 - 2012: Alex Hodges

The 2012 Award was given to Professor Alex Hodges of the University Library and the School of Education, Teaching, & Health, because in addition to receiving a top score on the Green Teaching Certification survey, he demonstrates a strong commitment not only to making his own classes more sustainable, but to encouraging his teacher candidate students to model green teaching initiatives in their future classrooms.

2010 - 2011: Yana Sakellion

The 2011 Award was given to Professor Ioanna Sakellion of the Department of Art, because she demonstrates that it is possible to integrate sustainability into the curriculum in a field where it is not common – graphic design and fine arts – thus showing that teaching courses on traditionally environmental topics is not a prerequisite for teaching about sustainability. She charged her students with creating Green Banner Ads in her "Computer Literacy for Designers" course at American University's Graphic Design Program. Click here to watch the "Dream Green" video on Vimeo.

2009 - 2010: Victoria Kiechel

The 2010 Award was given to Professor Victoria Kiechel of the School of International Service, because she takes a conventional course topic, "sustainable building" and presents it using green principles, while finding a practical application for that knowledge. During the course, her students actually test their green building knowledge by collecting information about buildings on campus. 

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