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New Faculty Guide | Classroom Support

Kogod Room 118

Preparing for class

As you prepare your syllabus, it may be helpful to review or direct students to AU’s academic integrity code. Also consider emergency preparedness by including an insert in the syllabus about AU’s emergency policy. You can also seek technological assistance for Blackboard or utilize Wimba if you ever need to teach remotely.

The university library offers specific information for faculty. Faculty members are always welcome to request books, journals, databases, other electronic products, and media materials. Please feel free to consult with the collection managers in your subject areas and notify the library every time you identify a research need. 

If you anticipate projects requiring students to use particular software or technological skills, you may want to direct students to access (Web-based Software Training Library) for free. You may also direct students to specialized computer labs including the Advanced Statistical Network which provides access to statistical software, database access and technological assistance.

Working with students

Before you meet your students, become familiar with the services offered for students at AU. First, review the student handbook given to new students.

You may want to direct students to the academic support and access center or the counseling center. It is recommended that you include a statement in your course syllabus, on Blackboard, or on a separate handout.

If students or your entire class could benefit from consultation with the Writing Center, in 228 Battelle-Tompkins, invite a Writing Consultant to visit your class or include a note about the Center’s services in the syllabus. Contact Dr. Janet Auten (x2991), who directs the Center, for further information or to schedule a visit. 

As a global university, American University has a long tradition of welcoming international students and scholars to our campus. To assist faculty and students, International Student & Scholar Services, the Academic Support and Access Center, and the College Writing Program (Dept. of Lit.) collaborate to offer the International Student Academic Success Network. The academic support team offers academic support based in three unites of the university. The Writing Lab in the Academic Support and Access Center specializes in working with students for whom English is not their first language.

Boilerplate Inserts for Syllabi

If you experience difficulty in this course for any reason, please do not hesitate to consult with me. In addition to the resources of the department, a wide range of services is available to support you in your efforts to meet the course requirements.

  • Academic Support and Access Center (x3360, MGC 243) In addition to using the resources available in this department, all students may take advantage of individual academic counseling, skills workshops, tutor referrals, Supplemental Instruction, and writing appointments in the Academic Support and Access Center.
    Students with Disabilities: If you wish to receive accommodations for a disability, please notify me with a letter from the Academic Support and Access Center. As accommodations are not retroactive, timely notification at the beginning of the semester, if possible, is requested. 
  • Counseling Center (x3500, MGC 214) offers counseling and consultations regarding personal concerns, self help information, and connections to off campus mental health resources.

If you qualify for accommodations because of a disability, please notify me in a timely manner with a letter from the Academic Support and Access Center so that we can make arrangements to address your needs.

In the event of a declared pandemic (influenza or other communicable disease), American University will implement a plan for meeting the needs of all members of the university community. Should the university be required to close for a period of time, we are committed to ensuring that all aspects of our educational programs will be delivered to our students. These may include altering and extending the duration of the traditional term schedule to complete essential instruction in the traditional format and/or use of distance instructional methods. Specific strategies will vary from class to class, depending on the format of the course and the timing of the emergency. Faculty will communicate class-specific information to students via AU e-mail and Blackboard, while students must inform their faculty immediately of any absence due to illness. Students are responsible for checking their AU e-mail regularly and keeping themselves informed of emergencies. In the event of a declared pandemic or other emergency, students should refer to the AU Web site ( and the AU information line at (202) 885-1100 for general university-wide information, as well as contact their faculty and/or respective dean’s office for course and school/ college-specific information.