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Noontime Conversations


The Center for Teaching, Research & Learning sponsors two-three conversational lunches per semester focused on topics of special interest to Faculty. Past Noontime Conversations have included training on Endnote Bibliographic Software, Making Your Own Film as a Learning Tool, and Doing Justice to Ethics in the Classroom. If you have a particular issue you would like to share with faculty in this venue, please contact Anna Olsson, at x6077.

Spring 2016

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Tuesday, February 23 | 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm | MGC 4 & 5

Political Ideology in the Classroom



Tuesday, March 22 | 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm | MGC 5

Open Education Resources (OERs)



Previous Noontime Conversation Topics:

  • Addressing Students' Stress and Mental Health Issues: Strategies for Faculty (watch the video-recording)
  • Internships as a Pathway from Liberal Arts to Careers
  • Active Learning: Why It Matters
  • Reacting to the Past
  • Problem Based Learning
  • Combine Your iPad and iPhone To Teach, Present, Write, and Conduct Research
  • Doing the Reading: Is the Cost of Textbooks a Factor?
  • Student Voices: AU Undergraduate Curriculum
  • Ways To Help Students Improve Their Writing Skills
  • eBooks in Higher Education: Reading Between the Lines
  • Learning and the Brain: Cognitive Processes that Underlie Learning with Daniel Willingham
  • Out of Print" Film by Vivienne Roumani
  • Where's Professor Waldo in the Lands of MOOCs
  • Connecting the Dots: Aligning Course Content in Undergraduate Curriculum
  • Teaching with Research
  • Student Voices: Lessons from Student Survey Data
  • Another Student Recommendation?
  • The Art of Teaching - Perils and Pleasures of Pedagogical Interdisciplinarity
  • Beyond SETs: Continuing the Conversation
  • Beyond SETs: Brainstorming the Possibilities
  • Teaching with Research
  • Can’t Get to Campus? How to Keep Your Class Going Anyway
  • Food for Thought - Using Gastronomy as an Incentive to Learn
  • Face time with the Teaching Coach: Tips and Tricks for Better Teaching
  • Valentine's Luncheon: Researching Teaching and Teaching Research
  • How to Quantify Great Ideas
  • Facebook Startup - New Classroom Tools
  • Measures of Good Teaching
  • Evaluating Capstones, Comps and Significant Research Papers
  • Greening the Classroom

See CTRL's Events Calendar for more details on all events.

Audio & video files of previous Noontime Conversations are available on iTunes U.