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Noontime Conversations

The Center for Teaching, Research & Learning sponsors two-three conversational lunches per semester focused on topics of special interest to Faculty. Past Noontime Conversations have included training on Endnote Bibliographic Software, Making Your Own Film as a Learning Tool, and Doing Justice to Ethics in the Classroom. If you have a particular issue you would like to share with faculty in this venue, please contact Anna Olsson, at x6077.

Fall 2015

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Wednesday, October 21 | 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm | MGC 4 & 5

Internships As A Pathway from Liberal Arts to Careers

with Gihan Fernando, Executive Director, Career Center
and Brian Rowe, Director, Experiential Education, Career Center

Internships present an opportunity for students to apply their learning in the classroom to real life problems and situations. Join your fellow faculty members and Career Center colleagues for a discussion of ways in which you can support and enhance students' internship experience as a pathway to a wide range of career possibilities. Best practices in supervision of academic internships, ways to support students in non-credit bearing internships, and the Career Center's ability to support your work will all be discussed. 


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  • Can’t Get to Campus? How to Keep Your Class Going Anyway
  • Food for Thought - Using Gastronomy as an Incentive to Learn
  • Face time with the Teaching Coach: Tips and Tricks for Better Teaching
  • Valentine's Luncheon: Researching Teaching and Teaching Research
  • How to Quantify Great Ideas
  • Facebook Startup - New Classroom Tools
  • Measures of Good Teaching
  • Evaluating Capstones, Comps and Significant Research Papers
  • Greening the Classroom

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Audio & video files of previous Noontime Conversations are available on iTunes U.