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Overview of Teaching Events

A key part of CTRL's mission is to collaborate with faculty in developing their teaching and research skills. Below is a list of the faculty development workshops and events offered. Click on the links to learn more about and to register for our cornerstone programs:

  • Ann Ferren Conference on Teaching, Research and Learning
    This one-day annual conference features panel presentations, round-table discussions and hands-on workshops led by AU faculty.
  • Technology in the Classroom Series
    This series of short workshops on using new technology tools in the classroom is offered throughout each semester.
  • Teaching, Research and Technology Workshops
    Offered in August each year, this four-day workshop series prepares faculty to use various campus technology tools including Blackboard and Collaborate, and features a number of sessions on classroom pedagogy, research, and library tools.
  • Faculty Orientations
    Orientations are organized for new adjunct faculty during the week prior to each semester, and for new tenure-track and term faculty before each fall semester.
  • Greenberg Seminars for PhD and MFA students
    The program provide a hands-on, practical introduction to professional development and classroom techniques.
  • AU Entrée Workshops for first- and second-year full-time faculty
    These include orientation programs for first-year faculty before classes begin, special AU Entré programming for first and second year tenure-line faculty and invitations to other events run by CTRL.
  • Noontime Conversations for Faculty
    The Center for Teaching, Research & Learning sponsors three conversational lunches per semester focused on topics of special interest to Faculty. Past Noontime Conversations have included training on Endnote Bibliographic Software, Making Your Own Film as a Learning Tool, and Doing Justice to Ethics in the Classroom. If you have a particular issue you would like to share with faculty in this venue, please contact Anna Olsson, at x6077.

Ann Ferren Conference 2013