Template for Course Syllabi

Template for Course Syllabi

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This is a list of items commonly included in a university course syllabus. By clicking on each item, you can access additional information for each topic.  

Background information on Crafting a Course Syllabus appears in #1. Section #1 also includes a brief discussion of additional text you may need to add if you are teaching a General Education course or if your school or department has special information you should include. In addition, this section discusses important information for students (e.g. regarding the Academic Support Center, the Counseling Center, Disability Support Services, the College Writing Center). There is also a section on supporting undergraduate research. 

As part of our Middle States accreditation, student learning outcomes need to be a part of all course syllabi. Please see the link below to Learning Outcomes for more information.

Crafting a Course Syllabus

Basic Course Information

  • Course Name, Number and Number of credits                          
  • Instructor’s name              
  • Office location and Office hours
  • Office Phone and Email Address, and Best Way to Contact Instructor

Course Description and Overview

Required Textbooks and Materials

Course Objectives

Student Learning Outcomes

Course Requirements and Expectations


Academic Integrity Code

Grading System

  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Percentage of Course Grade for Assignments and Activities


Class Schedule

Emergency Preparedness