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Technology in the Classroom

Instructional Technology Resources

The following are some additional useful references and resources on instructional technology tools hand-picked to help enhance your teaching when presenting, annotating, or visualizing course content; facilitating student feedback; delivering course materials; and building collaborative environments.

Presenting Course Content 

Facilitating Student Feedback

Annotating Course Content

Delivering Course Materials

Visualizing Course Content

Building Collaborative Environments


Presenting Course Content

These tools will take your in-class presentations in new directions. Find an alternative to PowerPoint, record audio or video presentations, or simply try a new tool that will allow you to enhance an existing presentation. 


• Slideshow Presentation Platforms

• Video Presentations

• Podcasting/Audio Presentations

Examples of Tools:

• Prezi: Cloud-based Multi-Media Presentations

Watch Introducing Prezi and Advanced Prezi videos

• Haiku Deck

• Explain Everything

• Audacity


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Facilitating Student Feedback

These resources enable you to engage your students in new ways during class, from simple apps to track attendance and participation to more advanced tools that let you poll your students during class and display the results in real-time. 


• Taking Attendance

• Synchronous Feedback/Polls

• Asynchronous Feedback/Polls 

Examples of Tools:

• Socrative

• Poll Everywhere

• Top Hat

• Google Forms: Surveys, Polls & Quizzes

Watch Introducing Google Forms video


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Annotating Course Content

These tools let you—or your students—mark up and annotate documents, images, and videos. 


• Document annotation

• Video annotation

• Image annotation

Examples of Tools:

• Skitch: An Image Annotation feature from Evernote

Watch Skitch video

• Ink2Go

• Educreations

• BounceApp

• Kaizena

• Diigo

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Delivering Course Materials

Change the way your students interact with the material you cover by doing things like creating electronic course packets, course-specific RSS feeds, or collaborative social bookmark collections. 


• Creating RSS Feeds

Watch Introduction to RSS and RSS Feeds, Part two videos

• Social Bookmarking

• E-Reader

Examples of Tools:

• Feedly

• Pulse

• Netvibes

• Diigo

• Flipboard

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Visualizing Course Content

Create organization charts, word clouds, color coded maps, and other graphics for your courses with these tools.


• Visualizing Data

• Conceptualizing Information

• Augmented Reality 

• Videos: Scripting, Capturing & Editing

Watch the video Creating Videos for the Classroom 

Examples of Tools:

• Knoema World Data Atlas

• Many Eyes

• Stat Planet

• Gliffy


• Dipity

• Chemistry 101

• Anatomy 4D

• Word Lens

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Building Collaborative Environments  

Store your own research on the cloud, create a central repository for students to upload their work, or create spaces for students to collaborate with these resources. 


• Document Storage

• Collaboration

• Group Blogs

• Notes

Examples of Tools:

• Dropbox

• Google DriveWatch

Introducing Google Drive video 

• Google Docs

Watch Google Docs video 

• Piazza

• WordPress

Watch Introducing WordPress Video

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