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Instructional Technology Trainer Profiles

Emily Crawford

Trainer Profile

Photo of Emily

Emily is a student in the M.F.A. program in film and electronic media at AU’s School of Communication. She completed her undergraduate studies at Swarthmore College, where she majored in English literature with a minor in art history. She then worked in public broadcasting for several years before coming to AU. She makes films and other media that bring attention to unique individual experiences and issues of social justice.


Emily’s interest in teaching and technology stems from a passion for sharing knowledge and resources efficiently in the interest of positive social, cultural, and political impact. An avid consumer all types of media, Emily spends her free time reading, playing video games, and trying to watch every documentary ever on Netflix. 

Areas of Expertise:

Google Drive, WordPress, Evernote, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Poll Everywhere, general polling tools

Custom Workshop Topics Emily Teaches:

  • Stop Guessing, Start Asking with Polling and Survey Tools

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Ben Dempe

Trainer Profile

This is Ben

Ben is currently pursuing his PhD in economics from American University with a specific focus in global poverty. After getting his B.A. in Political Science and Economics from Allegheny College, he served for two years in the Peace Corps as a Community and Organizational Development volunteer in Albania. He is particularly interested in the role of access to credit and informal markets in reducing poverty throughout sub-Saharan Africa and the Balkans.
Ben's dream midlife crisis is teaching a semester at sea and buying a Motorcycle. In his free time, he likes exploring the outdoors, riding around on his bike, and watching hockey. 

Areas of Expertise:

Tableau, Rawgraphs, Plotly, Google Drive, Microsoft Office Suite

Custom Workshop Topics Ben Teaches

  • Data Visualization in the Classroom

Sarah Grace

Trainer Profile

Sarah Grace Profile Picture

Sarah attends American University’s School of International Service and School of Communication as a graduate student in International Media. After graduating with a B.A. in Philosophy and a minor in Film Studies from Tufts University in 2012, she worked as Vice President of Video Production at a marketing company, a photographer, a freelance videographer and video editor, and as a writer for a website featured on Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and CNN. In 2015 she decided to consolidate her production experience and interests in international affairs and edutainment into a new, dynamic career path while still pursuing writing on the side. She looks forward to preparing for this new career through her International Media coursework, and brings her perspective on the educational possibilities of the media to her work as CTRL consultant. 

Areas of Expertise:

Explain Everything, Kaltura, WordPress, YouTube, Video Production, Video Editing, Microsoft Office

Custom Workshop Topics Sarah Teaches:

  • Introduction to Explain Everything
  • Using Video in the Classroom

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Amanda Miller

Trainer Profile

Photo of Amanda

Amanda Miller is in her first year of the Master’s in Literature program at American University. After finishing her undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland, Amanda decided to blend her desire to travel with her professional goals to be an educator and earned a TESOL certificate. She then spent 3 years in South Korea as an English teacher.

While in South Korea, Amanda taught elementary and middle school students in the classroom, in summer and winter English Camps, and privately over Skype.  She also worked for Gwangju News—an English magazine published by local English speakers--as an editor and website manager. As a teacher, she would integrate new and exciting presentations, polling apps, and class English blogs to keep her students involved in the classroom.  

In her free time, Amanda likes rereading the Harry Potter series, obsessing over Hamilton, and drinking coffee with too much cream and sugar.

Areas of expertise:

Microsoft Office, Wordpress, Prezi, Google Drive, Social Media, Socrative

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Nikki Lane

Trainer Profile

Photo of Nikki

Nikki Lane recently finished her Ph.D in Anthropology at American University studying linguistic and urban anthropology with a focus on Black Queer Studies, Black Feminist Theory, and American popular culture. Her dissertation titled In the Life, On the Scene: The Spatial and Discursive Practices of Black Queer Women in Washington, D.C. is an ethnographic study that analyzes the spatial and discursive practices of Black queer women in Washington, D.C. as it relates to the way that they create and queer popular culture and the urban landscape. She serves as an adjunct instructor in the American Studies Program at American University and the University of Maryland where she has taught courses such as Black Popular Culture in D.C. (American Studies, AU), Language and Human Experience (Anthropology, AU), and Sexuality and Culture, online and face-to-face (Anthropology, UMD).

Areas of Expertise:

Blackboard management, online teaching, creating engaging presentations, Google Drive, Piazza, Evernote, WordPress, Microsoft Office, (digital) pedagogy

Custom Workshop Topics Nikki Teaches:

  • Piazza: Create an Online Gathering Place to Foster Student Engagement
  • Alternatives to Email for Effective Communication with Students
  • Introduction to Evernote