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Turning Technologies Personal Response Pads


TurningPoint is a software ad-in that integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint to add polling slides into your PowerPoint presentations.

TurningPoint User Guide (PC)
TurningPoint User Guide (Mac)

TurningPoint Anywhere
TurningPoint Anywhere is a floating poll program that allows you to insert a poll anywhere on your screen without having to use PowerPoint.

TurningPoint Anywhere (PC)
TurningPoint Anywhere (Mac)

Web Registration

Web Registration (Instructor)


ResponseWare is an digital license that can be used on any device with internet capabilities from a laptop to an iphone or Blackberry. Licenses can be purchased for one or two years at a time and used for an unlimited number of courses during that period.

ResponseWare (Student)
Web Registration (Student)
ResponseCard RF

Turning Technologies


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