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Degrees: Majors, Minors & Certificates


Degree Programs

Academic Fields beginning with the letter S

  1. Field: Social Enterprise
    School of International Service, SIS

    Degrees: MA

  2. Field: Sociology
    Sociology, CAS

    Degrees: MA

  3. Field: Spanish: Latin American Studies
    World Languages and Cultures, CAS

    Degrees: MA

  4. Field: Special Education: Learning Disabilities
    Education, Teaching & Health, CAS

    Degrees: MA

  5. Field: Statistics
    Mathematics & Statistics, CAS

    Degrees: MS

  6. Field: Strategic Communication
    School of Communication, SOC

    Degrees: MA

  7. Field: Studio Art
    Art, CAS

    Degrees: MFA

  8. Field: Sustainability Management
    Kogod, Kogod

    Degrees: MS

Academic Fields beginning with the letter T

  1. Field: Taxation
    Accounting / Taxation, KOGOD

    Degrees: MS

  2. Field: Teaching
    Education, Teaching & Health, CAS

    Degrees: MAT

  3. Field: Teaching English as a Foreign Language
    World Languages and Cultures, CAS

    Degrees: MA

  4. Field: Terrorism and Homeland Security Policy
    Justice,Law & Criminology, SPA

    Degrees: MS

  5. Field: TESOL

    Degrees: MA

Interdisciplinary Study

  • AU offers a number of interdisciplinary degrees. For example, a BA in communications, legal institutions, economics, and government prepares you to participate effectively in decision making for public affairs and deal with social problems as social issues. A BS in business and music (performance not required) is ideal for a career in the for-profit music industry. You can also design your own program leading to a BA or BS (or an MA or MS) in interdisciplinary studies. You’ll need to observe all the pertinent regulations, but your program could wind up among AU’s established interdisciplinary degrees.

Study Abroad

  • 55 percent of AU students have studied abroad. And why not? With 100+ programs, some at many of the world’s most prestigious universities, in 41 countries, you can earn credit towards your AU degree whatever your major; learn a foreign language; and enjoy an international internship. Study abroad can be a life-changing experience. As one AU student noted, “My semester abroad was probably the most formative experience of my life so far. It fundamentally changed the way I see myself and the world . . . My Spanish improved enormously. . . If you embrace the challenge it is incredibly rewarding.”


  • A memorable internship can dramatically improve your professional life, even affirming or changing your career aspirations. An internship allows you to test classroom theory in the real world, may carry academic credit, gives you valuable skills, and starts you networking for the future.

    Click on the internship icon to see examples of where students in your program have interned. To search for current openings, log into AU CareerWeb. For more information, review the Career Center’s internship basics or schedule an appointment with your career advisor.