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Summary of Faculty Senate Meeting, September 13, 2017

Faculty Senate Chair Andrea Pearson welcomed senators to the Senate and to a new academic year.
Director of Athletics Billy Walker and Director of Student-Athlete Support Ashley Rozendaal presented the AU student athlete report AY 2016-2017. Athletes are performing well academically.
Provost Scott Bass reported that undergraduate enrollment is strong but graduate enrollment remains challenged. Online programs have continued to grow. Phase one of library construction is complete, Faculty Manual revisions are with the Board of Trustees, and dean searches for SPA and SIS are underway. The campus is still working through last year's hate crime and students of color sometimes feel excluded. He reminded faculty to be mindful of social media and to include a social media policy in syllabi. The Senate voted in favor of an addition to the Faculty Manual proposed by the Provost that would codify the category of Postdoctoral Fellow.
Don Williamson presented changes to the Committee on Faculty Grievances' internal procedures that allow grievers to revise materials and that affords the committee the ability to dismiss the application if those revisions are not met.
Registrar Doug McKenna presented a review of the ITS pilot from last spring. Some highlights: questions should be reduced in number to encourage completion, comment boxes on 1-7 scale questions should be eliminated, and the scale should move from 7 to 5. A working group will be formed to address these recommendations.
Maria Gomez, chair of a Senate ad hoc committee charged with writing bylaws for a standing committee on term faculty, presented a draft. The Senate voted to approve with several friendly amendments.