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April 2, 2014 Meeting Summary

At the April meeting, the Faculty Senate heard yearly reports from President Neil Kerwin and from Athletics Director Billy Walker. President Kerwin discussed the recent visit from the Middle States team and characterized their initial response as “positive.” As the next budget cycle begins, AU will begin to set new objectives and budget priorities, keeping in mind the Middle States recommendations. In addition, President Kerwin described the general condition of the university as “sound” and said that we will end the fiscal year in balance. Dr. Walker also had good news in his report: The average GPA for student-athletes is 3.34, and he noted that multiple students were honored as Patriot League Scholar-Athletes of the Year in their individual sports. Provost Scott Bass then reminded the Senate about his upcoming Provost’s Report and said that he’ll discuss the ways that AU is a “transformed institution” since the last Middle States review. Finally, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies Lyn Stallings presented changes to the undergraduate academic regulations; for the most part, these changes involved issues of consistency and clarification, and the Senate approved those changes. Vice Provost Stallings will be leading discussions on internship requirements and will bring revised academic-regulation language for internships back to the Senate in May.

March 5, 2014 Meeting Summary

At the March Senate meeting, the Senate dealt with four main issues: CFA/DAA guidelines, university learning outcomes, the conflict of time commitment procedure, and voting rights of emeriti and emeritae faculty. After some discussion of communication between unit committees and the CFA, the Senate approved the CFA’s revised guidelines for submitting files for action. The Senate then took up the draft of the university learning outcomes, with members of the Committee on Learning Assessment and representatives from the Office of Institutional Research on hand to answer questions. These learning outcomes will be part of the Middle States report, but they will also be further revised over the next year as assessment measures for the outcomes are developed; COLA will bring the revised outcomes back to the Senate next year. Finally, the Senate continued its discussion of the conflict of time commitment procedure. Senators raised concerns about the administration of this procedure, including the questions that would appear on the reporting form and the scope of activities and time covered. The Provost also reviewed the policy dealing with conflict of commitment in the Faculty Manual. The Senate asked the committee that originally dealt with conflict of interest and conflict of time procedures to work on the current procedure document and bring it back to the Senate at the May meeting. Finally, the Senate approved revised Faculty Manual language that limits the voting rights of emeriti and emeritae faculty to personnel issues with the Budgets and Benefits Committee.

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Photo of Barlow Burke, Candice Nelson, and Lacey Wootton

Barlow Burke, Candice Nelson, and Lacey Wootton

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