Faculty Senate | Committee on General Education

AY 2014-2015

Chair of General Education Committee: Andrea Tschemplik, Philosophy

Senate-Elected Members:
(Committee members serve for three year terms.)

Area Unit Designation
Area 1
The Creative Arts
Cynthia Bair Van Dam*, Literature
Cara Gabriel, Performing Arts
Tom Ratekin, Literature
Area 2
Traditions that Shape the Western World
Evan Berry*, Philosophy & Religion
Jane Hall, Communication
Mary Frances Giandrea, History
Area 3
Global and Cross Cultural Experience
Jennifer Gumbrewicz, Government
William Quirk, Language & Foreign Studies
Wanda Wigfall-Williams, School of International Service
Area 4
Social Institutions and Behavior
Jill Klein, Information Technology
John Willoughby*, Economics
Area 5
The Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Matthew Hartings, Chemistry
Teresa Larkin*, Physics
Sarah Frances Knight, Biology

Program Coordinator: Emily White

*indicates the subcommittee chair